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A private note and gift to Benjy Fenwick because Ben's too impatient to wait until Christmas


I really don't know what to say that would adequately express the depth of all of my feelings for you. There really isn't enough ink in the world, nor expressive enough words.

It almost feels wrong to be this happy. Almost. But I don't know how to feel otherwise when I'm with you. You are...the brightest star in my sky and the light of my life. I feel so very fortunate to have shared the time with you that I have so far.

Thank you for being my lover, my friend, my defender and supporter, and never judging or criticizing me and for seeing me for who I am, bad and good, and accepting it all.

I know this hasn't been an easy Christmas for you but I love you and I'm here for you.

All my love,


I didn't want to get you one like you got me because you have one already and it would be an insult to the memory of the one you wear. But I still wanted to get you one, just because it doesn't feel right for you not to have one from me now that I have a similar thing from you. Merry Christmas, love.

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