Regulus Black (_favored_black) wrote in intothepastrpg,
Regulus Black

Who: Regulus Black and Voldy-poo
Where: Graveyard
Why: Not hard to figure out
Rating: PG-13

Regulus slicked back his damped raven black hair. Exiting the grounds of Black manor leaving the vistior abandoned. Letting out a triumphant roar he knew his soon to be master would be pleased. Running on high adrenaline through the snowy roads he turned sharpe down a dim lite street. Where he came to the halt of an old gothic style church. Prying his cold pale numb hands threw the iron gates. Regulus tightly managed to squeeze his body into the cemetery. "Glad, I'm small sometimes " he thought to himself. Squinting his eyes around the graveyard out of the hood of his robes he looked and waited for two familiar red eyes to appear.

Lord Voldemort stood next to the church and began walking silently among the headstones with his hands out, sliding his fingers over each stone. He knew Regulus had completed his assignment, he almost heard the guest screaming from the cemetery. He smirked with his lipless mouth and turned slowly when he heard Regulus walk over. "You've done well, Regulus," Voldemort hissed quietly, his red eyes gleaming in the darkness.

Regulus quickly looked down to his boots nodding obediently as he had for so many years in his life. " Yes, master. I have received your owl and have what you have wised. " Avoiding eye contact. Regulus hesitated to look up. He could feel the power of the Dark Lord's roll off him in his presence. The power that Regulus craved for. " I hope this is acceptable and what you wised" Regulus paused drawing his breath licking a small trace of blood off a cut in the corner of his mouth.

Voldemort walked closer and stopped right in front of Regulus. "Are you brave enough to look up, Regulus?" Voldemort asked casually, taking his wand out and caressing it with his fingers. There was no doubt that Regulus would be accepted into his ranks. He was important, he was needed. Voldemort still needed to test him, though.

Regulus quickly looked out of the corner of his eyes to the left, then back to the right, as in his mind was still in debate. Of course he would look up. Biting perused lower lip. He was hesitating, for what ? For what ? He was here ! The Dark Lord was in front of him standing tall. Regulus took a deep gasp of air, pulling his shoulders back he shot his head up looking Voldemont dead on. The Dark Lord appeared in his full as a skeleton face with routing flesh flaking off the bones looked down to Regulus with his red eyes glowing

"Hesitation, but you looked up nonetheless. Bravery is foolish, know this. Now look down," Voldemort said and then he began walking around Regulus. "You've come for a purpose. Tell me what it is."

Regulus shot a cold glare down staring at the toe of his boots. " I've done what you've requested Dar.." Regulus paused before tripping words on his own tounge. " master. I've done what you've requested master. I could only hope that I would be worthy of joining your ranks with full honor, by baring the mark upon my arm " he could feel the hairs rise on the back of his neck.

Voldemort tapped his wand on his hand and stood in front of Regulus again. "And do you think that you're worthy of joining my ranks? You may have raped some girl, but does that honestly make you worthy?" Voldemort kissed menacingly, pointing his wand at Regulus' throat.

Regulus eyes narrowed down the tip of Voldemont's wand. Struggling as the skeleton digits grabbed his shoulders. " I master, I'll prove it too you. ABOLISH ALL THOSE MUDBLOODS AND MUDBLOOD LOVERS FROM OUR RACE ! Regulus let out a manic yell with those words. Energy of hate rolled off his tongue and bleed into his heart at that exact moment. Regulus felt a sweat drop fall of his temple as he preserved. Two sweet dampened strains of his ebony hair dangled in his face. Never could he image in his mind the Dark Lord being so intimidating.

Chuckling slowly, Voldemort released his hold on Regulus and lowered his wand. "You've been raised properly, Regulus. You believe in my views and I sense your hate for them. I will accept you into my ranks and you will have the honour of baring my dark mark. But if you betray me or show any hestitation or weakness, I will kill you." Voldemort raised his wand again to show him he was serious. "Understood?"

Regulus blinked once. Blinked twice. At Voldemont's words. He wasn't weak, he refused to accept that label anymore. " I will not disappoint you, master. " He swallowed hard, his mouth felt dry. Nodding once again. Regulus's eyes stayed fixated on Voldemonts wand.

Voldemort nodded slowly. "Very well, Regulus. I'll hold you to that promise." Without hesitating, he whispered 'crucio' and began torturing Regulus with no mercy. Regulus fell to his knees, but Voldemort continued to torture him, enjoying every moment of it.

Regulus turned buckling in as a sharp pain run threw each of his vertebra collum. The Dark Lord seemed to take pleasure in this. It burned. It throbbed. He could feel his heart stop. Blood boiling in his veins. It will all be over soon a thought echoed in the back of Regulus’s mind. It will all be over soon.

Suddenly, just as fast as he had started, he stopped. Pocketing his wand, he kneeled down and whispered, "An owl will come soon with instructions. Not a word to anyone." Voldemort then disappeared with a swish of his cloak.

Regulus laid there alone, abandoned, numb, broken in the empty lot of the cemetery. In his worst fearful state he gasped for small amounts of air as he inhaled he started fell a burn sizzle. “ahhh” Regulus let out in pain turning towards his side holding his injured ribs tightly. “For what” Regulus thought silently. “For what glory ?” And with a cracking hiss a Dark Mark appeared on his forearm.

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