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Who: Benjy and Aaron\

Where: Common Room

Why: cuase they have never done an rp



   Aaron reclined in the chair and surveyed the surroundings. The regular
bunch of hard at work over achievers. He waved to Emma as she walked
buy, and reluctantly went back to his history of magic. Silently cursing
the over the top studying done by his house.
           Benjy yawned, haveing just awoken from a nap, and shuffled
though the magical door from his room into the Ravenclaw Commons. Quite
a few people picked their heads up to say hi then went back to work.
Spotting Aaron working diligently he crept silently behind him and
smacked him in the back of the head, "All right there Aaron?"
        Aaron jumped and leaned his head back to make sure it was
actually Benjy. "Hey do you generally go around whacking people. How do
you know I was completly enthralled by my HoM?" said Aaron raising an
eyebrow jokingly and gesturing for Ben to sit he always welcomed
         Ben laughed at sat down next to Aaron, "riiight. Becuase HoM is soooo interesting! I've already finished. Damn N.E.W.T.s. And I thought it was bad in 5th year." Streching his arms and legs. "So how are you holding up Aaron?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

        "I am doing great, steady grades, and I have a date tonight, so all in all I am a happy guy. Which is fun, how about you, Ben?"
        Benjy's eyes widened a bit when he metioned a date. "A date...with who?"
         "Hestia, didn't you know?" asked Aaron hoping he hadn;t said anything to offend Benjy
         Ben eyes narrowed,  "Hestia? You're going on date with Hestia? And where may I ask, where you be going?" 
         Aaron was a bit alarmed at ben's reaction. " A little place in Hogsmeade called Alchemist, and then back to Hogwarts. Are you alright Benjy?"
         Benjy tapped his fingers on the table. "I'm fine. And what do you plan on doing....on this....<i>date</i>"
        "Benjy! I have been raised a gentleman and I plan on being nothing but one. Hestia is a great girl I am not screwing anything up, I really like her," said Aaron taking a deep breath.
        Ben held up his hands in defence" I know I know. I'm sorry. Just...protective is all...you can't blame me.."
        "Understandably, but I really do like her and I really do want this to be more than just a date. Acceptable?"
          Ben smirked "Chaperone, well if you really think you need on Aaron, then sure, of course I wll" Ben gave a heartful laugh and patted Aaron on that back. "Its okay, I trust you."
       Aaron laughed, " I think we will be fine without chaperone Ben. So hows life been treating you?"
       Ben gave a half smile "Life. Ugh. Life is horrible to me. I just...Ugh. Did you read my entry today?"
        "Yeah I saw it.  I am so sorry Benjy," said aaron giving Ben a semi awkward hug.
           Ben half hugged back and shook his head. Sighing he took a bit of parchment from Aaron and started writting in his neat cursive writing.
          Aaron peered over Benjy;s shoulder, "Pardon the nosyness but what are you writing?"
        Ben smirked and turned to Aaron In all the years you've known me do you honestly not recognize a song when you see one?"
        Aaron laughed, "better to ask and be right then to assume and be a fool. I figured as much, but still it could be anything."
       Ben smirks and red over the first five lines. "Always so curious Aaron."
       "its a gift and curse, it is," said Aaron with a slight smirk, "One I plan on keeping. Would you like  me to leave you to your work?"
       Ben smirked, " A gift? I doubt that. No its fine. Just bored..."
      "Bored? With me to talk to? I am insulted," said Aaron with mock indignance.
       Ben laughed "Hell yes Aaron, you are the most boring person I have ever met."
      "I think I shall mope in a corner, you have cut me deep, Benjy, very deep," aron said laughing.
       Ben laughed with Aaron. " Aww! Poor baby Aaron! Do you need a hug?" Ben said in a baby like voice.
       Aaron pushed him playfully, "I think we have already done the hugging today," aaron looked at his watch," Oh shit! I have a HoM tutoring session and then a date with Hestia. Bye Benjy nice talking," said Aaron grabbing his coat.
       Ben laughed and waved goodbye and went back to his room.
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