jamie (jamie_b) wrote in intothepastrpg,

Who: Hestia and Aaron

Where: Common room

Rating: PG clean as soap

It was a cold night. Hestia pulled a blanket around her and curled up on a couch in the Ravenclaw common room close to the fire. She hummed to herself and continued on her current knitting project, a pair of mittens. She liked things like this, quiet and peaceful and cozy. Not that she didn't like companionship, but she liked her little world organized and safe. She tucked her feet under her and continued to hum and listen to the clicking of the needles.
 Aaron walked down the stairs homework was getting unbearable and he need someone to distract him smoothing his rumpled shirt he surveyed the common room eyes resting on Hestia she was always fun to be with, "hey hestia how goes the knitting?"
Hestia looked up at the sound of her name. The very handsome figure of Aaron stood before her. She smiled at him. "It goes well. Will you sit?" She moved over to give him room to sit down. She wondered to herself how his shirt had gotten so rumpled. She considered offering to magically iron it for him as she was good with household spells, but decided to think on it.
"Of course I will sit. You offer the distraction I was looking for," said Aaron with a grin, "How was your day it seems awhile since we talked face to face."
Hestia smiled again at him. She liked his company. He was amusing and gentlemanly. "It was pleasant and for that I'm thankful, nothing like Friday, I'm afraid. It has been a while since we've seen each other, I've been dreadfully busy, and I imagine you have been as well, else you would have time to give a kind word to such an old friend as myself," she said, glancing playfully at him out of the corner of her eye.
"yes well what can you do homework and the likes," he said giving her a slight smile again she was a very pretty girl. He poked her knitting, " You threatened to knit me something, are still making good on that threat."
Hestia laughed and poked him back with her knitting needle. She laid her mittens aside and pulled out a navy blue ball of silky yarn. "Very well, Aaron, if you insist..." She gave him a sly glance and began knitting. "I'm guessing at the size of your waist, but I believe these shall be about right..." She waved her wand and whispered a charm to make her needles do their work quickly and with very little supervision. She let them float in the air in front of her. "Blue, I think?" My but he had lovely eyes. She tried not to look into them.
 "Oh dear Hestia, i probably shouldn't have reminded you of that. I am not going to wear those," he said pointing at the magical needles, “I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut." Hestia raised her eyebrow at Aaron.
 "I promise I'll make them exceedingly comfortable. They'll be very warm!" She giggled and nudged him with her foot.
Aaron nudged her back, "Well if I wear them I refuse to model, you are dangerous when it comes to sizing, Hestia," said Aaron hiding his face in a pillow.
 Hestia laughed and feigned shock. "I promise that I will make them extra roomy for you, and I would never ask you to do such a thing." She moved the pillow away so she could see Aaron's handsome face and gently swatted him on the head with it.
 He smiled up at her looking very pretty in the firelight, "Dear dear Hestia I shall keep them proudly never fear," he said reclining on the couch.
 She reached over and kindly spread some of the blanket over him. It was one of her pet peeves to see someone looking cold. She put her head on the back of the sofa. She was beginning to feel a bit sleepy. Strange. Hestia Jones was not a good sleeper. After a moment, she heard her needles stop and saw a pair of men's boxers floating in front of her. She handed them to Aaron with a stern warning. "Let no harm come to them!" She put her head back on the couch and smiled sleepily.
He folded them neatly and patted his knees asking her if she wanted to rest her head there, “I think both of us need a nap." Hestia was surprised at the question, but not offended, as she knew he was no Augustus Rookwood. She laid her head down on his knees and yawned and stretched the rest of her body out. How very odd it was to be this close to him, when she considered that she had known him since they were ten years old. Something occurred to her though, and she pulled her wand out and quickly unrumpled his shirt with a spell. She put her wand away and closed her eyes, feeling oddly safe and protected.
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