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Dear Mr. Black,

From the bottom depths of my heart, I apologize. I had no right to do anything against your wishes inside your own home. I understand the consequences, and will face them with a strong head and clear mind. I understand if you hate me for the rest of your life, if you never want me to set a toe on your property again, but Sir, all I ask of you is to be merciful on your daughter. If you refuse to allow us to marry, I have no doubt she will be depressed she cannot marry the father of her child. I do not think any father would want to see their child weighed down under so much unhappiness. We love eachother very much, and I hope you can learn to see this.

On another note, my Father would love to speak with you if you have the time. I understand you two have met before, and he thinks it is best.


Evan Rosier.

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