Antonin Dolohov (randomherooo) wrote in intothepastrpg,
Antonin Dolohov

Who: Antonin Dolohov and Regulus Black
Where: Slytherin Common Room
Why: Reminiscing
Rating: PG 13

Regulus Black twirled his wand in his left hand while his free hand was rested behind his arm laying on one of the green sofas near the warm blazing fire in the SCR. Whistling, he was in a rather good mood to be back on the grounds of Hogwarts.

Antonin strolled down the steps from the boys dorms with a book in his right hand, his left in his robe pocket. He was whistling the tune to funky town, which he had once heard on a muggle, what did they call it, radio, or something like that. It was a pretty catchy tune. He reached the bottom and lifted his head to scan for the inhabitants in the common room, seeing Regulus he strolled over to him and plopped himself on a chair across from him. " G' evening Regulus, what are you up to?"

"What up home dawg ? " Apparently Regulus had been recently studying the chapter in muggle studies on muggle slang. "Give me some skin player" Smacking the back and front of Antonin's hand as the other Slytherin took a seat down across from him. "What’s been happening in the Common Room since I've been gone for a week or so?"

“Oh man, please lay off the muggle lingo, you're killing me." he teased and grinned over to him. "You ask what’s been going on, well, I met Ivy Wilkinson a few days ago. I'm having a great time with her, she is no longer with Malcolm." he smirked and quirked a brow toward the floor beneath their feet. "We did it right there the other night, what amazing sex that was if I do say so myself."

" Right nothing good comes out of muggles any how, they can't even speak reg-" Regulus’ distasteful normal belittling of muggles was cut short in the same second that he clenched his wand tight halting it from mid air. " Ivy ? You shagged Ivy ? " Regulus blinked and looked up dead towards Antonin. " Oh man, hearing about her brings back some good memories. She was a good fuck ! Plain and simple. "

"Too right you are, and glad I am that I'm getting some. Its been a couple days though, since our confrontation with Malcolm. It was bad, we almost duelled right there. Amazing. But gods is the sex wonderful, so worth it man," he laughed a bark of a laugh that reminded him of Sirius Black for some odd reason. He sat up straight in his chair and bit his bottom lip. He couldn't get her off his mind now.

Regulus slightly shrugged at Antonin's strangely similar laugh to of his brother. " Oh shit ? Parkinsons knows ? Damn…Ivy's his prearranged wife. I can't believe that. We'll it looks like we are in the same boat then. I was fucking Ivy when she was with Parkinsons, and you have too. But not here, I had the decency to fuck in her dorm room. It was bad, one night I'd be in Ivy's dorm room then next I'd be in the head girls room with Greta." Half laughing at the situation he attempted to bite his lower lip but couldn't keep it in any longer before he busted. "Hahahaha, good times, good times "

"Darn right it is good times. We should treasure these last years at Hogwarts. And have some fun!" he said laughing and stood up. He got a head rush though and sat back down. "Too much enthusiasm isn't that good." he said laughing to himself. He rubbed his head and closed his eyes remembering Ivy's naked body. "God damn man, just thinking about Ivy gives me a stiffy." he said bark/laughing like a maniac.

Regulus licked his lower lip. "Mmm...Ivy.." he said re adjusting the buckle of his belt. " God damn that witch had a nice rack of tits. I fucking wish we would of ended on better terms and still stayed as fuck buddies. " Regulus exchanged looks with Antonin with a mischievous grin on his face " And fuck, she was vocal ! " slightly laughing as he reminisced on some of their passionate moments in the sack.

"Too true I know how vocal she can be. Though I am rather glad I'm with her and not you. But, you seem to be getting along nicely with Greta correct?" he grinned slyly over to Regulus. He licked his now dry lips and leaned back in the chair, remembering in detail some of his and Ivy's moments in bed, how dear the are engraved in his mind.

" Need a bib ? " Regulus suggested as drool fell out of the corner of Antonin's mouth. " Yes, I am still with Greta, the wonderful mother of my child. " Tossing his head in half thought " That’s a hard pick, who was a better lay Greta or Ivy hmm. " changing topics " I'm horrible, mate. I cheated on Greta with Maddie of all people " Regulus shrugged. " Can't blame me though, I'm male and she's veela.

"Yeah, I bet Maddie was a sweet lay." he said after wiping the corner of his mouth. "Shame, have you ceased sex with Greta since finding out she was pregnant? Is that why you screwed Veela girl?" he asked, half wondering, half teasing. Trying to keep his mind off Ivy.

Regulus snapped in front of Antonin's face seeing how his mind was off. " No, Greta and I still shag. Witches can still screw when they are expecting. I thought the same thing, but Greta proved me wrong in some book she got. Which is fine by me. " Slicking back his hair before messing it up again he continued " Yea Maddie is an easy lay too. She's one of those quiet fucks. Which thank the gods, is fine by me because I can't stand anything out of her mouth. Oh, but her pussy...mate, all I can tell you is butterscotch, smelled like pure butterscotch "

"Butterscotch...damn, I love butterscotch..." he said, beginning to drool again." he shook his head and said, "What, you don't understand French? I guarantee if you knew what she was saying in French, you wouldn't think she was so stupid." he laughed and threw his head back to heave a sigh. "I don't know mate, but I'm fine with Ivy, and I didn't even come on to her. I was sitting doing my homework, and she came over and started coming on to me. It was weird. But, I must say, I doesn't bother me the least bit!”

" Of course I know French. Toujours Pur ! " Regulus half snickered throwing in his family motto. " I just choose not to listen to what she is saying. When do I ever listen ? " Regulus cocked his head sideways. " Ivy, yea ? She's a pistol. Hot as shit, but has a temper on her. One thing I'm glad I'm with Greta. Greta's sweet nature "

"I'm all set, I don't get on Ivy's bad side." Antonin said, shrugging and continued to say, "Well, then looks like you're with a girl suitable for you, and the same goes for me. Now only to get around the whole pre arranged marriage thing, oh well. I'll enjoy our time together while it lasts." he sighed and stood up. "I think I’m going to head to bed now, I'll talk with you later Reg." and with that he strolled past Reg and up the stairs to the boys dorms.

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