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Who ? Regulus and Narcissa Black
Where ? Grandmother Black's attic
Why ? Because she just passed
Rating ? PG13 for morbid concepts

Cissa mounted the front steps and treaded quietly down the silent first hallway. The adults were still left murmuring downstairs, Bella was no where to be seen and Andromeda... well, she didn't really care about her at the moment. Coming to the door at the end of the hallway, she quietly knocked on the door to the guest room. Hopefully Regulus was still in there because she was not going to the attic by herself.

Regulus whistled as he headed up the hallway, tapping each of the portraits that hung in the hallway of their deceased grandmother's house with his yew made wand. The portraits made a grumbling noise under there breaths. Ignoring them Regulus saw his older cousin, Narcissa at the end of the hallway. "Boo" Regulus snickered tapping Narcissa on her shoulder. " I don't know why you want to go up there in the first place. All of Granny's valuables are in the lock and safe downstairs or in a safe deposit box at the bank." Regulus explained.

"No one has gone up into the attic yet, so no, not everything has been accounted for." Grabbing the lamp off one of the tables, she beckoned Regulus to follow her. "Father and yours were talking about what to do about the attic and to be honest; I think they're both afraid to go up there." She patted her pocket to make sure her wand was still in there and began climbing up the steps to the little-used third floor. The attic steps were at the end of that hallway, and she didn't think that even the house elves went up.

" Well... I don't know what could be up there, what are you scared about Granny has some skeletons in the closet? " Regulus chuckled standing on the tip of his toes. " Ahhh Bloody Hell ! " he let out a loud sound of frustration before he jumped eagerly up pulling the withered knotted robe down. A cloud of smoke diffused into the air. Regulus coughed as the two of them walked up the oak board staircase their heels causing the boards to make a creek.

"Something like that I think. I remember reading something about what old pureblood families used to do..." She coughed against the dust and waved the lamp around. They reached the top of the steps and looked around. The space was enourmous. Cobwebs dangled from the filthy beams and the floor was a carpet of grime and dust. Old style furniture was scattered everywhere, along with an old broomstick or two and some chidlrens' toys. "Grandmother must've had it locked up for *cough* years."

"Whatever" Regulus barked and lightly shrugged. " I just want to see what valuables are up here" picking up a tarnished sliver mirror with the Black family crest engraved on the back. " Ahhhh" Regulus let out a yell dropping the mirror to the ground causing the mirror to shattering to the ground. " I never believed in Age of Death cursed mirrors anyhow " Nervously he turned his back to Narcissa and started to open a few empty doors of an old mahogany dresser.

Cissa rolled her eyes. Typical and he said she was greedy. Setting down the lamp, Cissa began opening trunks, only to see they were filled with old robes. Hmmm, they looked nice enough, maybe she could take them with her downstairs... "Seven years bad luck for breaking mirrors, cousin." A glint from something catching the light made her turn to look towards the back of the attic. A partially covored door. "Hey, look at this." She grabbed the lamp and strode to the door to try the handle, but stopped. "What do you think?"

Regulus slicked back his charcoaled colored hair before cautiously eyeing the the door. " Uh..Cissa..I don't think you should go over there. I mean, what if there is a boggart or something in there. " Blowing some of the dust off the door frame trying to pry his fingers between the cracks. " I mean, look Cissa. I will not budge. I think we should call Father or Uncle Orion up here to look at it" Pausing and Regulus could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rise.

"Oh please. Its easy to deal with boggarts. And they'll kill us if they found out we were up here... " Smirking dangerously, she tried the handle. Locked. Oh well, that's what the wand was for. "Alohomora." The lock clicked open and the handle turned and the door swung open. "So... you want to go first or should I?"

Peering over Narcissa's shoulder he glared into the pitch black room. Swallowing, " Of course I'll go in first ! What do you think i'm scared, me ? please ? " Regulus let out an small weak laugh. " Lumos " he chanted as the tip of his wand sparked a flame. Squinting his eyes Regulus stepped into the dank smelling room trying to make out the items that lined the wall from the floor to the ceiling.

Cissa followed close behind him and held up her lamp. There was an old cauldron in the middle of the room, that was certain. She grabbed her wand and muttered the Lumos spell as well to aid them. "Look at all this stuff. Must be a potions room..." One of the walls was covered with a long, heavy velvet curtain. "What do you think is behind there?" She grimaced slightly; suddenly feeling like maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

The velvet curtain swung by the faint breeze that had followed the two of them as they entered into it. " No idea, more potions or I bet, even better, illegal poison potions ! " An evil ear to ear casted across Regulus face as his natural curiosity for dark arts shined. "Only one way to find out though " Regulus tugged at the end of a swaying robe exposing the secrets behind the wall. " AHHHHHH " Regulus let out another yell. " WHAT THE ? ARE THOSE....REAL ? "

Cissa screamed as the light shone on what they had found. The wall was line with cases upon cases of small glass coffins, but inside them were disfigured cadavers. Some with two heads and one body, a minuture hunchback... all in various stages of decay. "oh my god..." It was true. at least a hundred Blacks that never got a chance at life, the years of incest taking a toll. "oh my god..." She felt sick. This was... horrible. Unnatural.

A pit hit in Regulus's stomach as the truth of one of the horrors of his family was exposed right infront of his eyes. Staring in a state of shock he wiped with his sleeve of his robe some of the dust of one of the bottles. " Look, Cissa, this one is dated from 1743 " scanning the label he read it off " Black, girl, May 1743 " as a small cribbled dusky disfigured fetus bobbed in the bottle. " It has no eyes or nose ! " he turned to show Cissa a closer view.

She shook her head, a bitter taste filling her mouth and looked down the row. twins, unknown, 1905.... Black, boy, August 1800. Down the line they looked in morbid fascination. "Why am I not surprised?" She asked quietly. There weren’t as many in the 1900s but then her breath caught. "Black, unknown, August 13th... 1960. Reg, that's your birthday..."

"What are you talking about ?" Regulus followed down to Cissa's end of the row. Pulling the jar off his shelf examining the label clearly he read it slower " Black, unknown, August 13..." his voice trailing off " 1960 " a somber gloom casted in his face as he looked closely at the small frail inch-worm size figure floating in a green pool of liquid in the jar. His face shot up and Regulus looked at Narcissa speechless beyond words. " My twin " he finely broke the silence in a meek crackled voice.

Cissa looked at him with wide eyes before turning violently back to the case and puling down jars. "1910.. 1856... How many times did it take for your mother to get pregnant with Sirius? Do you know?" If that's what happened to Reg... None of her siblings could be in there, her father hadn't married relations, but Cepheus and Cassiopea were first cousins... Some jars were bigger than others, some very small. There were a few box shaped ones, but she so far hadn't found anything later than 1910.

Breaking the his full concentration Regulus had on the jar he snapped shapely back at Narcissa, angered at the situation " I don't know do you swear I'm a bloody walking genogram for the Black family ? This is amazing to me though. I can't believe they never TOLD me ! Just like Precues and 'his death' or your mothers ! " Enraged with anger Regulus clenched his fist and slammed it as hard as he could on the wooden shelves causing the whole shelf to wobble and a few of the jars smash on the grounds.

Cissa jumped back before glaring at her cousin. "Dammit, what the fuck do you think you're doing!" She slapped him as hard as she could across the face. "Calm down for christ sake and help me look. And see what you did! You got our dead relatives smashed on the floor!" God, she knew how freaked she was, she was too, but Regulus was being irrational. "Why would they go ahead and tell you anyways? You just became little mr. Heir. And don't talk about my mother..." She waved her wand at the smashed jars and repaired them the best she could before continuing to look through the shelves. "If I remember correctly, I think it was maybe twice your mum got pregnant, but I don't know if those were false alarms, or miscarriages..."

Regulus nostrils flared as a fowl aroma rose into the air. Rubbing the side of his face he took a few steps back on a few strains of broken glass he glared up at the wall. " Well..I don't know, mother doesn't tell us these times. It's not like the Blacks family secrets are of conversation at the nightly dinner table, rolling his eyes at Narcissa. " This is amazing though, I wonder how many jars have to be here. At least a hundred or so " Still holding tight to the jar that shared the same date of his own birthday Regulus eyed the wall looking on to the jars. " I wonder if there is a way to bring them back. I am sure there is some dark spell "

"You want to bring them back? As what? An army of disfigured, barely foot tall dead Blacks? Yes, I feel the intimidation already... if anything, they were probably used for experiments and potion making. Dark Arts most definetly..." She gave up the search for any more cousins, as it was obvious that they wern't going to find any. "I think we should... go now." She held out her hand for the jar containing her cousin.

Regulus clenched tight to the jar. " Your not taking IT back ! I'll leave all the rest, its not like I knew them anyhow, but this one is going back to Grimmauld Place with me ! " Regulus hissed refusing to let go of the jar that contained his 'twin sibling'

That's just sick, Regulus. That... thing was never alive. Its an inch long worm thing." God, did he have to be so bratty about it. It wasn't like it was alive or anything.

" I'm taking it and barring it on the ground of Grimmauld Place " Regulus defended clenching his teeth. " I mean, come on Cissa, here collecting dust in the attic or buried in the grounds over dirt. It shouldn't make a difference.

"Okay fine, but hide it. I don't want to get in trouble." She grabbed his arm and drug him out of the 'tomb' and locked the door. "We never, ever go in there again. Agreed?"

Regulus nodded and flashed a smile" Agreed ! " tucking the jar deep in the pockets of his robes before taking one final glance with Narcissa of all the ancestors that never where born to the noble and ancient house of Black.
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