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Who: Malcolm and Hannah

What: Erm...a nice talk.

Where: Astronomy Tower Rating: one cuss word.


Hannah looked out at the view from the tallest tower in the school. A strong wind blow and she hunched over holding her clock tighter. It was November and it was starting to get chilly. She silently wished Malcolm would hurry, but then again, she had come a bit early. Pulling her hood on she leaned on the cold stone and looked down at the rippling lake. 

Taking a few gulps of his new bottle of firewhiskey, Malcolm walked up the steps.  Slowly making his way to Hannah.  He shouldn't have been drinking, especially about to see Hannah.  The bottle was quickly placed on the ground as he walked in.  His breath was taken away once he saw Hannah.  He told truth about her presence.  She always could capture his attention, making his body weak.  He smiled sadly.  "I'm sorry I am late, my love."

Hannah turned, her eyes brightened and she flashed a warm smile at him. "Hello Malcolm," she walked over to him, hugging him tightly, then kissing him on the conner of his lips. Pulling away suddenly, she looked up at him, "Have you been drinking?" 
Licking his lips, Malcolm held Hannah by the small of her back.  "Very small amount..." With a frown he let go of her, taking her hand.  Avoiding her eyes he gave a small shrug.  "I was thinking today, the two women I lo-care about."  Now looking into her eyes. "I will not be able to be with either of them..."   
Hannah's eyes widened before looking to the ground. "O-oh? Wh-why is that?", she bit her lip waiting for the response. She shivered, looking around, her eyes darted everywhere. Everywhere but Malcolm.
Taking her by her upper arm, forcing her to look at him.  He let go with an apologetic frown.  "Can you honestly be with me Hannah?"  Running his hands through his hair he took a few steps away from her.  His back turned to her.  "Am I good enough for you?"  Walking towards the window he looked up at the stars.  "I know I'm not..."  
Hannah stared at his back with hurt eyes as she rubbed her arms. "Why not? How are you not? I...understand about Ivy. But if that were not the case I'm sure my parents would approve of you." Hannah spotted an armchair, walking over to it she sat down, drawing her legs up and wrapping her arms around them. She chewed on her lower lip, looking at Malcolm's sillouette by the window. 
Shoulders hunched he refused to look at her.  "...Do you think...your parents would approve of me...of my family?  My father's a poor businessman...compared to" He made an odd motion with his hand, not really sure he was going to compare his father to.  He turned to face her, leaning against the ledge.  " no longer in my life...I want you...I feel..." For once Malcolm couldn't explain himself. "I'm worthless to one like yourself."
Hannah stood up suddenly forgetting the cold. "Worthless! Worthless?!  You're not worthless to me! " she walked over to him, grabbing him my the shoulder and turning him around to face her. She pull her small hands on his face, "Malcolm," her chest swelled with courage, "I feel for you like I have never felt for anyone!" 
Malcolm felt dizzy, he wasn't sure if it was the alcohol and the spin, or Hannah's words.  Closing his eyes he brought this hands to touch hers.  Leaning his cheek into her hands. 
Whispering so softly.  "I never felt this way for anyone either...not even Ivy." With that he opened his eyes.  a sad smile on his lips.  "Hannah...will you be with me?  Truly be with me?"  He had nothing to hide and wasn't sure if she would be able to take him in completely, Faults and all.
Small word, big impact. Hannah smiled warmly up at Malcolm, "Yes. Yes!" Giggling she gave him a peck on the lips. 
Malcolm smiled, something he was sure he wouldn't do for a while.  Holding her, he brought her body close to his.  Letting the line of their bodies touch.  Leaning in, he gave her a deep kiss.  Pulling back to rest her head on his chest.  Hugging her tightly.  "You have truly made me happy."
Hannah huggled into the warmth of his body. She sighed and closed her eyes, "I'm glad..." she said softly, "That you are happy."
"You are my happiness love."  Lifting her chin, he kissed her again.  "You are mine."  Smiling sweetly he kissed her yet again.  He lead her to the arm chair, sitting before placing her on his lap.  A hand took hold of her cheek, caressing it gently. "You are so beautiful..." with another kiss he sighed happily.  "What would your brother think?"  
Hannah tilted her head to the side and frowned. " I don't think he likes you very much," she said, shaking her head slightly. "I...let it slip to him that I like hes always asking...I'm not sure I can keep it from him." 
Rubbing her legs as he leaned his head against her shoulder.  "Do you want to keep us from him?  If he found out, what would he do?"   
Hannah sighed and wrapped her arms around Malcolm, "Thats just it! I don't know what he'll do! I don't want to keep it a secret...I think I'm going to tell him."  
"Would you wish for me to be with you?  I do not want to hide my lo...our relationship for each other.  However, if it will cause stress between your family, I will do my best to hide it."  He rubbed her arms, it was cold enough to remind him of Durmstrang.  Thinking he should have thought of a warmer location for her. 
"I...I think I going to tell him...He'll find out anyway. He always does." Hannah tensed as goosebumps ran up her spine. "Can we go? Its really cold up here..." 
"Yes...we can." Or i can warm you up he thought.  Standing up awkwardly he managed to lift her,  Carrying her.  "Where shall we go?" Placing her down slowly, he let her body brush his.  An innocent motion, yet anything Malcolm did was beyond innocent.  Kissing her on the corner of her mouth, he smiled and took her hand.  
Hannah smiled, then shivered again. "Ssss....Anywhere that is warmer than here." She followed Malcolm out the door and down the steps.
"Your room or mine?" He teased, lacing his fingers with hers.  "Would you like some hot chocolate to warm you up?  You're shivering."  Wrapping an arm around her he lead her in the direction of the Great Hall. 
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