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Antonin Dolohov

Who: Antonin Dolohov, Ivy Wilkinson, and Malcolm Parkinson
Where: Slytherin 6th Year Boys Dorms (For the most part)
Rating: Strong R

Sitting alone in his dorm was Antonin Dolohov, a spell book his father had gotten him over the summer propped up, the words shone eerily in the dim torch light. Muttering an incantation under his breath his wand in his hand he practiced. He muttered more and his wand began to spark, a black-purple fire crackling from the tip. "YES I finally did it!!!" he shouted in triumph, pumping his fist in the air and smiling.

Getting out from the shower, Ivy wrapped a towel around herself to cover herself up. Not even bothered to get dressed she began to walk down the halls into the common room. Brushing her hair back into a hair tie she opened the door to Antonin’s dorm room. Closing it behind her slowly, she let the towel fall to the ground and gave him a smile. "Is that just a stick or are you happy to see me?"

Dropping his wand to the floor and wrapping his arms around Ivy he said, "What do you think it is Ivy?" He grinned and kissed her on the lips. "Showing and not even bothering to dress, not like I have a problem, I mean look at you. But some people might." he sat back on his bed and took his wand back into his hand, placing it on his bedside table.

Giggling slightly she followed him and got in bed beside him, accidentally touching the bed side table making the wand fall to the ground and under the bed. "Shit..." she said turning around looking at the table biting her lip. "Oh well. You don't need that, we have our own wand," she said making her hand fall to his crotch region and kissing his cheek softly, not even paying any more mind to the wand that had fell onto the floor below. "I didn't lock the door..." She muttered turning her head. "Oh well...You normally don't have visitors at this time of night, anyway." And with that, she kissed his cheek.

Forgetting about the wand he turned to face her. "You're right," he said, and placed his hand on her side and kissed her, laying her back onto the bed. "Hold on a moment..." he said and disappeared under his bed to fetch his wand. He took her hands and put them by the posts of his bed, pointing his wand at them he muttered, "Incarcerous," ropes springing from his wand to tie her up. Tossing his wand haphazardly, it fell to the floor and rolled under a bed a few away from his own.

"Mmm...I can already tell I will like this..." She giggled as her hands were tied to the bed posts. Watching the wand roll under the bed she had a gut feeling something was not quite right, but she thought nothing more of it. Happy at the moment, she made a deep, low, sexy growl. "Punish me for being a bad girl." She said, her voice still a tad deep.

Grinning he kissed her neck, following it with a hard bite, not making the skin, not want to have her bleed...yet, though it was sure to leave a nasty mark. He bit all around her neck and collar bone. Licking his teeth imprints after each bite. "How do you like that...?" he asked biting up her neck, to her jaw line, to her chin and biting down on her lower lip.

She moaned loudly as each time the teeth seemed to sink into her pale skin further. "Mmmmm....That’s the spot...I like it very much so." She said cut off by his sudden bite of her lip. Her tongue darted out licking his lips slightly. "Yum..." Moving her lower body slightly to become a bit more comfortable she kissed his lips slightly before licking him again, then sticking her tongue into his mouth.

Pulling back and shaking his head he lowered himself and bit down to her chest, his 'love marks' all over her chest and neck. He bit down onto her left nipple, maybe too hard re opening the wound blood spilling from it. Slurping up the blood he bit onto the other nipple the same, blood flowing out of both, staining her stomach. He licked off the blood mostly and bite down her stomached. Biting the flesh around her belly button.

Malcolm walked through the door, his head down looking at a page in a DADA book.  "Antonin, you won't believe what these cunts have us defending" He smirked, taking a sip of fire whiskey from a bottle in his other hand.  His eyes darted to the bed, watching the lovers in there act.  At first Malcolm's eyes refused to see who the pair were.    The book fell, yet, Malcolm couldn't hear the loud thud.  His nose flared as his eyes narrowed.  Quickly his wand as gripped tightly in his hand. "Get the fuck off of her." Growling he took a step forward.  Strangely enough he did not drop the bottle.  His wand rose up, shaking from holding it so tightly. "What the fuck are you doing?" Numerous spells hexes running through his mind.  From this position, it looked as if Ivy was being raped by Antonin.  He glared at his friend and waited for him to explain himself

Antonin's eyes opened wide, and he quickly threw himself off of Ivy. "Malcolm...this isn't what it looks like!" and from what he saw, he was half right, it seemed as if he was raping Ivy, but he wasn't, but he was with her. Her naked on his bed, with him biting her, blood flowing from her nipples, it didn't look good at all from Malcolm’s point of view he assumed.

Ivy gasped as Malcolm ran into the room. What was she going to do? She could not possibly say that she was with Antonin, that would get them both in trouble. She did not want to just get Antonin in trouble, either. She didn't know to what do at the moment, and could not really cover herself the ropes being on her arms. Should she shout rape? No, Antonin would get mad at her. She remained silent.

"Not what it looks like?"  He shouted loud enough for the whole dorm to hear.  "It looks like you're about to fuck my wife!"  He took another step, his arm stretched outward, pointed at Antonin's heart.  Stalling to curse his friend, wanting to believe this was some big mistake.  Maybe that wasn't Ivy, maybe it was someone else that took a potion.  Anything but being betrayed by his best/only friend.  Malcolm took in a few deep breaths, shaking his head
as he spoke.  "You have ten seconds to tell me what's going on before I hurt you, old friend" He hissed the last two words.

Looking around frantically he stared his friend straight in the eye. "Malcolm, I do not know how to tell you this, but over the past few days me and Ivy have been meeting together and having sex. Last night the night before. Does it hurt? I'm sorry." prepared to dive behind a bed the moment he was about to speak a spell he prepared himself for the worst.

"Malcolm...Don't hurt him. He is your friend, " she said held tightly back by the ropes trying to reason with this so no one would get hurt. She actually had feelings for Malcolm, but she heard things about him running around on her. Could she trust him? "It is my fault...If anyone...hurt me. I don't know what to say...I am prepared for your punishment..." She said then looking down at the ground blood still coming from her left breast and bite marks still on random parts of her body, mainly around her neck.

"What the fuck is going on." He whispered more to himself then to the lovers.  Bringing his hands to his head, not believing what was happening.  Shaking his head, his eyes seemed to glaze.  "I love her...and you..." He took a few
deep breaths and quickly had his wand pointed back at Antonin.  "Good friend eh?  Was she good?!" He spat, throwing his bottle towards Antonin.  Letting the glass shatter from the impact to the wall.  He muttered something under
his breath, releasing Ivy from her restraints.  "You whore!" He wanted to curse her, but would rather smack her.  He closed in that small space and brought his free hand.  Giving her a loud smack across her face.  He turned to Antonin and brought his face close to him.  "Did she suck you off? she's good at that. I never figured you to go after a whore, friend.  If you wanted her, you could have asked." He hissed reaching out to grab ivy by her hair.

Taking his chance having Antonin distracted by Ivy Antonin dove across the room and slithered under a bed to grab his wand. "Old friend, I'm sorry that I've hurt you," he rose up, his wand pointed out in front of him. He continued on to say, "But, I will NOT allow you to harm Ivy." he said waving his wand and sending warning spark to Malcolm, trying to get him to release his hold on her.
As he hit her a red mark formed onto her pale flesh showing his hand print perfectly. Taking a slight breathe, she huddled into the corner before he could even grab her hair. Looking around for something to hit Malcolm with They could not fight…Not at the moment. Finding a candle stick, she placed it behind her back and opened his dresser getting one of his shirts putting it on to cover her body from the view. She was afraid to speak at the moment, not wanting to make Malcolm angered anymore. That wouldn't be good, he was already about to hurt both of them. Finally she spoke in a soft innocent tone. "Malcolm...Please don't hurt him.. It isn't his fault.." She muttered slightly, holding onto the candlestick tightly behind her back.

Malcolm was pushed back slightly, maybe he had too much to drink.  Or maybe, his heart was stomped flat by both his friend and love.  He looked at Antonin, his face seemed tired, pain filled.  "where you sorry when you had your dick in her?" His voice was cold, but he didn't yell.  "and you." He glared at Ivy.  "I supposed you started this all?"  Swallowing hard, it seemed he couldn't breath.  Never did he expect to feel so hurt by Ivy's betrayal. Lowering his wand he looked at Antonin. "Finish it."  His gaze turned to Ivy. "Go on like the whore you are."

"I am truly sorry. Though I really hope you will refrain from speaking to Ivy like that old friend. You may scare the living daylights out of some others here at this school, but I am not one of them." he said firmly, walking forward with his wand held firmly in his hand, walking straight past Malcolm to Ivy, though keeping a watchful eye on Malcolm's wand.

Ivy was shaking a bit, but she still clung to the candlestick. Just in case, she knew how Malcolm got. "Malcolm...calm down....please..." She couldn't think of anything comforting to tell him. "It's okay...Don't yell at Antonin, it isn't his fault. It is all mine... Just. Get the punishment over with now...please. I deserve it..." She did not want to bring Antonin into this, even if she did, she came between two very good friends and she knew it would not end well.

"Refrain from speaking to her like that?  You're lucky I didn't kill you both on site.  You know exactly how I could have reacted." He glared at Ivy. "Calm down!? You're fucking my best friend!"  His wand rose up as he hissed. “Locomotor Mortis!" aiming at Antonin.  Wanting his to be bound and incapable of movement.  Yet, his words were a bit slurred, from drinking.  He figured as much as his spell flew towards his friend.  As quickly as he shouted the incantation his mouth motioned to yell "Protego" trying to protect himself.

Sighing and lazily waved his wand and muttered "Protego," conjuring his own shield. Waving it off he spoke again to his friend, "Please Malcolm, I do not wish to fight you."

Ivy stood walking over to Malcolm and trying to calm him down she put her hand onto his cheek. "Please Malcolm..." She said slowly gripping the candle stick, having it in a position where if she needed to she could slug him out in about three seconds. She didn't want to, she wanted to tell Malcolm when he was more sober. Eh, things just happen she supposed. "Sh..." She tried to say comfortingly, touching his cheek

Malcolm leaned into her touch.  Closing his eyes, to take in her scent.  What he smelled was the male musk clinging on to her from Antonin.  He roughly shook his head away from her.  Starring at the ground he spoke coldly.  "Don't ouch me.  You reek of him." He looked up, glaring at his friend.  "Fuck your whore." he sheath his wand, taking out a few coins and throwing them at Ivy.  "I've paid my dues."  At this moment he wished he still had his firewhiskey.
Walking towards the door to leave

"Malcolm, I send my deepest apologies, though they mean nothing as of now I suppose." he sighed and put his wand into his pocket and walked to his bed, sitting down with his face in his hands. He just ruined the friendship with his
best friend. He felt horrible, but he still had feeling for Ivy. He mumbled something like, "Fuck..." and picked up his head to stare over to Ivy, and back to Malcolm.

A tear flown down her cheek as he said those harsh words to her. He knew she had feelings for him still, and now feelings for Antonin were arising. Putting the candlestick back down on the dresser she went to the corner of the room and put her long slender arms over her legs. Her head went down as she rocked back and forth, not looking at either of them. She really didn't know what to do, and now she felt horrible about the whole thing that had happened. She knew it would cause problems when it happened, and now she was stuck in the middle. Soft whimpers came from her figure, as she was also shaking a bit, also.

Malcolm turned to see his betrothed sobbing in the corner.  He loved to see her cry, yet, this did nothing for him.  Turning to Antonin he spoke, his voice still slurred. "You're apology is noted, old friend." His voice was choked ether holding back a sob or a scream.  "I hope you are happy with her Antonin.  I hope your father does not hurt you much, Ivy.  I know for a fact he would hear about this."  Shoulders hunched and head lowered, Malcolm was defeated.  He left the room, a few students watching him as he walked down the steps towards the common room.  Planning on to get drunk enough to forget the image of his friend and love together

Her head looked up as he left. she looked at Antonin. "...I'll be right back..." Standing, she ran out the door and down the steps looking sort of weird in just a long baggy white school shirt. She grabbed Malcolm by the arm and turned him around. She hugged him tightly...She pulled away quickly, still her face was wet with tears. Bottom lip was quivering. Slipping down the stair post she held onto it tightly and did not make eye contact with Malcolm. Instead, her eyes watched a blank spot on the wall. She stood , getting herself together, blinking at Malcolm. Saying nothing

Watching her leave the room after Malcolm he sighed in defeat. He stood and pulled on his cloak, hastening it on tightly. Lunging his hands into his pockets, his hood on and his head down he walked out of the dorm, down the steps past Malcolm and Ivy, through the common room and out the exit. Without saying a word he trolled through the halls, not worried about getting in trouble what so ever, wandering aimlessly. His mind seemed blank, he most likely lost his best friend, and from the looks of it, he'd lose Ivy as well. He sighed again and continued on walking slowly not paying any attention to where he was going.

Malcolm closed his eyes tightly as he hugged him.  Nearly cursing himself for having to fight back tears.  Once Ivy let go, he continued to walk.  Feeling his friend pass him in a hurry.  He was lost at the moment.  Not sure how he
should feel.  But, hating that constant stab at his heart.  At the bottom of the stairs he said his final words to Ivy.  "I did love you."  He sighed and walked out of the common room, going an opposite direction from Antonin.

Ivy sighed and looked around people watching her. Standing, she walked out of the common room and out roaming around the school in search for Antonin. Her face had tears streaming down them,  her make up coming down with it. Watching Malcolm walk one way, instead she headed for Antonin. She was walking, then jogging, then running until she stopped touching his shoulder she put her head under his neck as she turned him around. "He would have found out sometime, anyway. Better now then later, I suppose..." she said tears still flowing down her cheeks, hitting the ground seemingly to make a slight crash as they hit

Being turned around he sighed. He lowered his hood and surveyed the tear soaked Ivy. "Why did you come looking for me..? I was sure you'd stay with Malcolm." he said. He brought one of his hands up, his fingers curling around her

"You didn't make a mess, I did. I caused all of this... I was with Malcolm and I was the one who came onto you that day. I lost Malcolm and ruined your friendship, and I am sure you didn't want to ruin such a good friendship for a whore like me. I'm sorry I did it. I'm sorry..."She said as more tears came down and she leaned against  the wall trying to force the tears to go back where they came from...But they wouldn't go. With a sigh she cried harder,  her emotions just pouring out. "He is going to tell my father.. I will have to go home for a few days most likely..." She mumbled looking away, and touching the picture where some type of small animal was sleeping in the corner.

"Ivy..." he said and walked over to her. He pulled her into a tight embrace. "I'm sorry, I'm sure I'll be able to patch up my friendship with Malcolm...we have been friends for so long." he just stood and held her in silence  after those words. After a few minutes he spoke again, "I want to be with you Ivy...I do not consider you a whore, I don't see any flaws in you at all, I just see you, the girl that I feel for, the only one at Hogwarts." he sighed and let go of her.

She moved her arm up to her face, trying to force a smile upon her face. "...I want to be with you, also. But I ruined everything with you and Malcolm. All for a stupid girl who he has to marry later on, anyway...I didn't mean to do that to him.. I just. I am afraid of him...But you are different. I feel like. Like...I could tell you anything. I don't know..." Putting her head on his chest she clumped his shirt into her hands holding it tightly not bothering to let it go. "I don't want to lose you now...You are all I have, anymore..."

Wrapping his arms around her he spoke softly, "You won't lose me, I'll always be there for you. Even if you have to get married to him I'll be there, even if its only as a friend. I'll always be there for you." He clung to her tightly not letting go this time. He kissed the top of her head and rested his cheek there.

She was still crying. "I want to get out of it. But my father nor his will back down...I have to stay with him. It isn't fair... I don't want to lose you. Only for these few days you have treated me so differently then any other guy. I can't take this...I will lose you. The only person I do have.." She said biting her lip keeping it from quivering anymore then it already was.

"You won't lost me, I'll be there. We might not be able to be together, but I'll be there." He seperated the two and wiped her tears. Kissing her on the forhead he said, "You believe me don't you? That I'll always be there..?"

"I want to...But....Somehow I feel like. Later on... You won't want to be there for me. Like like... You will be tired of everything. " She sighed and fell to her knees and flung herself back to the wall with a slight groan.  Her black hair was strung around her head in straight stans, her face red from crying so much.

"Maybe we should just go to bed..." he said taking her hand in his and leading her back to the common room. "Have a good nights rest, and you can sleep in your dorm if you want." he said, not paying attention to where he was going, memorizing his way back to the common room by now. He just kept his eyes glued to her, even tear stained she was beautiful.

"...I don't want to be alone tonight..." She turned her arms to show her scars from previous times where she had cut herself, most of them faded somewhat, but noticeable. A particular mark, the dark mark, shown deeply on her left forearm. Sighing she looked down to the ground, a few more random tears falling and hitting the stairs

Breaking the hold on her hand, and wrapping his arm around hers he continued on. "Okay, we can sleep together again to night, I enjoy watching you sleep, the peaceful look on your face is beautiful, as you always are." Finally coming to the entrance to the common room he muttered, "Pure Blood" and entered the room with her. He walked up the stairs and lead her to his dorm, opening the door, picking her up, and laying her down on his bed.

Turning to the side she looked at the place and let a slight sigh out. As he got into the bed and turned out the light, she blinked and looked around. Two hours passed and she was still restless. Muffled slightly was her cries into
the night. She took the pillow and tried to cover her mouth from waking Antonin up, he had a long day and deserved his nights rest. She didn't want to wake him.

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