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Antonin Dolohov

Who: Antonin Dolohov, Ivy Wilkinson, and Evan Rosier.
Where: Slytherin Common Room.
Why: Relief after detention.
Rating: NC 17

"Pure-Blood," muttered Antonin, the portrait that is the entrance of the Slytherin Common Room swinging open to allow him entrance. He stepped inside and absentmindedly made his way to a vacant chair and sat down in it, sighing deeply and closing his eyes. He had just come back from detention, he had been caught trying to bewitch the girls’ lavatory to say boys and vice versa. Not a very smart move, tactless, but he was bored.

Hearing the soft roar of the fire cracking, Ivy was sitting on the couch watching flames move as the wind blew softly through the windows. Hearing the wind chimes make a slight cling against each other, Ivy put her slender arms around her some-what pale legs and hugged them, putting her head onto the knees. It was a pretty boring day, actually. Turning her head slightly as she heard the door open and close she had seen none other then Antonin stepping into the room. What a pleasant surprise, she thought to herself. Standing she began to follow him and sat onto his lap where she pouted somewhat. " What’s wrong?" Heh, she still did not even know much about him...even if she did do him the night before. Heh...those spur of the moment things...

Opening his eyes and staring up to Ivy he smiled slightly. "Just had detention, how wonderful that always is," he said rolling his eyes and wrapping his arms around her waist. "So, how was your day?" he said, going back into his grave countenance, his eyes closed and his head leaned back against the cushion of the chair. He still had homework to do, remembering last nights fiasco after his homework doing got interrupted made him smile. Though, right about he reckoned he should think of that. And tried to think of something else, like Gobstones or Chocolate Frog Cards.

"It could have been better," was all that came from her lips at the moment. She was not really open with anyone, only certain people whom she trusted did she even partly open up to. A slight smile arose from that oh so charming face of hers. "I just kind of er...wanted to talk about last night I suppose? I don't know how to really say anything about it, we cannot change what happened. When I woke up this morning you were not in the bed. I was wondering..." she slipped a hand onto his chest and kissed his neck, then pulled away. "Just how far do you want to take this? I do not wish to think one thing and then something else happens. " Her feet were now propped onto the side table as she looked into his eyes and kissed him once more, this time, on the cheek.

"I don't really know what to say, I know for certain I never expected last night to happen. I mean, aren't you still with Malcom? My good friend Malcom? I don't know what he'd think." he said, looking grave. He smiled though, placing the tips of his index and middle finger under her chin to pull her into a kiss, he broke the kiss to stare into her eyes. "But, I do hope full heartedly that we can continue what we have together, and if Malcom doesn't get in the way, I would certainly like to have a relationship with you Ivy, if that is what you want of course." he said, speaking slowly each word carefully chosen as he said them.

"Me and Malcolm...He has been there for me so much lately, and I can understand how and why you would want to be loyal to your best friend. But...I have had this feeling Malcolm has been cheating on me, and I think that is why I did what I did last night not expecting me to have feels for you, but now I find myself to have some that seem to grow every time I see that cute smirk of yours, " her hand found his groin where she touched it slowly, barely applying pressure to the area. Her lips found his as she became in a slight lip lock with the young gentleman.

Breaking the kiss he stared at her, not wanting to stop but he needed to know. "So, what are we going to do? I mean, we can't go on and continue to hide from Malcom, but I do not want to end this." he sighed and kisses her once, before putting his hand to her cheek, rubbing it softly with his thumb and smiling.

"...I would prefer to be with you, even after our little affair last night, I believe I would trust you more then I could trust Malcolm. But I do not know how we would break it to him, he does have a temper on him, and I find it is not a good thing to make him angered of any sort." Her fingers traced around his face before her lips found his and they became in another warm lip lock, her other hand rubbing a little harder in-between his legs.

This time fully accepting this kiss this time, he wedged his tongue between her lips asking for entrance. He held her tighter, rubbing one of his hands down her thigh and leaning forward, threatening to fall over if he did so anymore, the small chair not suitable for their actions.

Landing softly on the floor, Ivy giggled slightly before kissing him again. Turning over, she straddled him and kissed him deeper, her tongue going into his mouth. Not saying anything, she unbuttoned his shirt slowly taking it off. Her hands ran across his chest slowly as she leaned down and kissed him on the nipple, then licking her way to the center of his neck, she kissed it softly. Her hands took his, and she pushed him on the ground slightly holding ach of his hand to the ground she kissed him once more on the lips and then licked her way down to his neck, where she then began to kiss a bit before slowly sucking his soft skin.

Falling to the floor with a soft thud he grinned, upon being forced to the floor his eyes widened to her and he placed his hands on her sides watching as she unbuttoned his shirt and her soft skin touched his. As he felt her warm saliva on his skin he gave a soft sigh. When his hands were pulled above his head he smirked up to her and shuddered involuntarily, as he was captive to her.

Holding onto his hands tightly, she gave another giggle moving her head up to meet his face kissing him deeply nibbling on his lip slightly. Letting go of his hands, she found his pants and unbuttoned them slowly. Pulling them down off of his body. A slim finger traced her way from his neck, his chest, his side, and his belly button to his dick area. Slowly touching it with her index finger she bit her lip giving a slight smile to him.  Bending her head down, she opened her mouth slipping over the dick her tongue licking it slightly, but nothing too much at the time.  Hands touched his ass, with a light feather touch to them as she slowly came back up and went down again.

Gasping from her tongue on him he gulped hard. He stared down to her, for the first time in his life anxiousness was clearly shown on his face, his teeth biting down on his bottom lip, blood trickling from it. He slurped up his blood and sucked on his lips now. He closed his eyes in anticipation and laid in silence, the stillness only broken by his breathing, which was hampered.

Her head came down even more, tongue wandering around the head area. Still it was silent as slowly she came back up to the tip top taking her lips from it and breathing slightly on it, her warm breathe touching the tip of it. Then

He let out a moan, his hips bucking. He moved his hips upward, wanting more. His mouth was lazily open; his breathing slow, but with each exhale a moan was heard, not loud enough to hear much. He bit down on his lip again, to try to
stifle the sounds.

Her head went down harder each time, sucking more onto him. Finally after a few minutes doing this, her head came up. Smiling, she took off her robes, her shirt, her bra, and then her underwear.  Sitting up, she straddled him and bended down kissing his lips, then his neck again sucking on it slightly.

He moaned quite loudly, as she sucked. When she stopped he frowned for a moment, but grinned when she began to strip herself, staring at her closely, memorizing every part of her body. Placing his hands on her hips as she straddled him he bit onto her shoulder and pushed his hips up.

She was not quite on him yet, she continued to suck on one particular spot until it started to become red, at that point she bit him slightly spots of blood dripping from him. Her lips having been spotted she smiled at him her hand running along his face line kissing his cheek, making a impression of her soft lips. Sighing softly, her head found the spot where he was bleeding. Biting onto it some more, she made the hole even bigger more blood coming out from it. Her lip area was now saturated with a crimson red colour.

A part scream part moan escaped his lips as she bit down on him. He always did love pain, one of those sick fetishes people had, he reckoned the term for it was masochism, but he didn't care much about right now. He was engulfed in pleasurable pain. Not even worrying if the people in the dorms heard his scream. He extended his arms and put his hands on her hips. He stared at her magnificent form for a moment before closing his eyes to allow the pain/pleasure to wash over him.

Ivy now slid onto him fully, a moan of slight pleasure coming from her lips. "Mmm..." Adjusting herself, she slowly began to slide up and down on top of him herself moaning in pleasure. "mm...Antonin..." she said in somewhat low voice and began to move faster getting more depth in. The hit of the skin meeting made a slight echo into the halls, but she pounced on him more harder, and moaned even more loudly. Did she care if she woke anyone up? Well, making another, yes even louder scream,  should tell anyone the answer to that.

Evan had heard a scream of some sort when he was studying on his bed, and then another, and had finally gone down to investigate. Quietly, he descended down the stairs to the Common room. He rubbed his eyes slightly, striding in. His gaze wandered slightly, noticing two figures on the floor. Antonin and...Ivy? Ivy and Antonin? Doing it? What? Malcolm would throw a right old hissy fit, would he not? He got a bit closer, then saw all he needed to answer his questions. Fuck. He immediately retreated, purposely averting his eyes. "Sorry, my bad." He mumbled sheepishly, turning his back on them as fast as possible. Since when were know...‘involved'? Damn, Slytherin was full of ever changing relationships. He made his way back to the staircase, cursing his bad timing

Thrusting upwards with his hips he moaned in pleasure, taking no notice what so ever of the person who had just stumbled onto their actions, his concentration fully on his pleasure. Totally unaware that Malcom was bound to find out, since Evan was in the band with them. But all that mattered now was his and Ivy's moment. For all he cared they were the only people on the earth, him being totally oblivious to anything going on beyond their actions.

Ivy moaned even more loud, but stopped when she seen Evan. This was not good, not good at all. She knew Malcolm would be angered but now that Evan was there...him telling Malcolm would make it even worse. With a slight sigh she pretended it never happened and bellowed out a moan, not as loud as the last one, of course. Her eyes watched Evan until finally she turned back and smiled at Antonin, slowing down. Leaning down her lips met with his as she continued, slowly of course, moving up and down.

Thankfully, his presence went unnoticed...or so he thought. Perhaps they were to engaged in their sex to notice him? He could only hope. But he couldn't help but feel that he was carrying some large secret now...Antonin and Malcolm
were good friends...boy, this would be hard. He quickly leapt up the remaining steps, walking hurriedly into the Boy's dorms

He stared up to her, his little world penetrated by an eerie feeling, he shook it off as the pleasure mounted and he felt himself almost reach his end. He rapidly began to thrust into her using his arms on her hips to pull them closer. He was breathing rapidly and his heart beat pounded against his chest.
"Mmm...Antonin....Mmm..." she lifted herself up and began to ride him even harder, her orgasming. She screamed to the top of her lungs, her body having a slight heat from it. She felt herself coming at the verge. Her hands grabbed onto his as she dug her nails into his flesh screaming for more, her body craving for more.

He held out from his orgasm thrusting harder into her, making her bounce on him. He was moaning with every other breath he took. Soft words could be heard from his mouth at the end of each moan, "...Ivy..." he had to hold out, give her as much pleasure as she could take.

As she was being bounced, she said his name over and over. Screaming for more each time holding onto his hands tighter and moving as  fast as she could. Her eyes closed as she began to come, a deep subtle sound coming from the depth of her throat.

He slammed into her harder until he could not go any longer, and he came inside of her. He leaned up to kiss her on the mouth. A smile on his face. "Well...that was amazing Ivy. Are we making this a nightly thing now?" he asked jokingly. Sweat glistening from his brow and hair line.

She rolled over on the floor off of him and let a deep sigh out. " Maybe we should, I have found you are to be a great pleaser of a lady in bed," she said giggling and took a deep breath, her chest rising up and down rather fast motion. "If Malcolm did not know, he certainly will know now."

He quirked a brown confused. "What do you mean by that Ivy?" he asked turning to his side to stare at her closely. Did he miss something? He is usually one to take in details very well...maybe the eerie feeling he had felt before...

"Someone stepped in on us...Evan...I thought you noticed. That was why in the middle of it, I slowed down. He seen...Everything...." Sighing she put her arm over his chest. "Maybe we should talk to him soon...As in before Evan gets to him. Because once he does, bloody shit will hit the fan."

"Damn, how did I not notice...don't worry...It'll work out Ivy. I'm sure of it. I mean, what's the worst Malcom can do? Attack us correct? I am sure I can take him, we were friends and we always fake dueled. But I have my trump card that my daddy taught me!" he laughed. But then he got serious. "Lets just not think about it ok?" he stood up, and picked her up bride and groom style, "We'll get some rest for now, and I promise you, when morning comes, I'll still
be there holding onto you tightly.”

Putting her arm around his neck she giggled. "Okay. I just don't want him to hurt you...That is all I am worried about. You don't know that wrath of Malcolm when he gets angered," she said flashing back to the moments when he use to torture her. Oh great, more moments like that she thought. With a slight sigh she kissed his cheek. "Just  be careful," she said putting her head onto his chest and yawning.

"Don't worry, I will be," and that’s all her said, he strode toward the boys dorms holding her in his arms. Reaching the landing he opened the door and crept in, laying her down on his bed and taking his place next to her, kissing her one last time, before wrapping his arms around her and falling into unconsciousness.

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