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Dear Children,

At the request of your Uncle Cepheus, girls, and your dear father, Regulus, I am writing this letter to regrettfully inform you of the sudden passing of your beloved grandmother, my and your uncle/father's mother. I am more grieved than I can say, as are Cepheus and Cassiopeia. Cepheus is suffering to such an extent that he bid me to write to you, as his grief is excessive, and Cassiopeia is attending to him and the details of the funeral, which will be on Thursday.

Your grandmother, while certainly not in a very advanced state of age, was approaching her seventies and although her health was excellent, it seems that her heart was rather weaker than was suspected and all the recent family news, which out of respect to the grief that you all must be feeling right now I will be so good as to not mention, put strain on her and seriously affected her, and she fainted quite suddenly at dinner on Sunday night. We rushed her straightaway to St. Mungo's, and she passed away quietly there, never regaining consciousness, surrounded by myself, Cepheus, and Cassiopeia. It was a dignified death and it was the way she would have wanted it, except for the fact that it was far too early.

I have sent a letter requesting to Dumbledore explaining the situation and have requested you all to come home Wednesday evening to stay at least until Friday, although I have requested that you can return to classes on Monday so that if you wish to remain home for the weekend, you may. It goes without saying that the invitation is NOT extended to Sirius, although his father requests that you show him my letter and has a message for him, that since he, Sirius, prefers Muggle funerals, we would rather not see him at one of our family funerals. That is Cepheus's word and he does not wish to hear anything from Sirius on the matter. This has been very hard on your poor uncle/father, and it is most unfortunate that it occurred on a day that is extremely disagreeable to him to begin with, that of Sirius's birthday. He is most distraught.

Our thoughts are with you now and the shock and grief that you must feel. Take comfort in the thought, children, that you will soon be home and back to the hearts of those whose blood you share, for that is where we Blacks gain our strength, from our family. It is a dark day for all of us, but take comfort in the credit that your grandmother gave to our family name, she devoted her life to it, and we will do her homage with a very fine funeral and will comfort each other when we are all together.

Merlin Bless,

Your father/uncle,

Orion Black

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