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Antonin Dolohov

Who: Antonin Dolohov and Ivy Wilkinson
Where: Slytherin Common Room
Why: Finding something better to do than homework.
Rated: NC 17

Putting down his quill and looking over his notes Antonin Dolohov continued his homework. "Three Feet is he joking...?" he muttered to himself picking his quill back up, dipping it into the ink and continuing to right on his paper, that only had a foot and a half of writing on it.

Stepping out of the corner of the common room Ivy gave a slight smile watching the young man work. Stepping up to him, she whispered slightly into his ear a faint "boo" and sat onto the table where his work was laid out. She knocked over the ink bottle. "Aye, all work and no play?"

Antonin turned his head, startled. Recovering he took a look at his ink bottle on the floor. "Great, thanks a lot." pulling out his wand he muttered, "Scougrify!" pointing it at the spot, the ink disappearing. Picking up the empty bottle and placing it on the table he brought his gaze to the new arrival. "Sorry to be rude, but who are you?" he asked, while absentmindedly pulling out a new ink bottle from his bag.

Sighing, Ivy gave a slight glance at her work. Maybe she should start to do it more often. With a slight grin, she put her index finger on his nose. "Shame, you don't who I am." She placed her boot onto the back of his chair, wrapping herself around him. "Names Ivy, doll."

"Ivy..." he said trailing off. "Name rings a bell,.." he added, trying to remember where he heard it. "So, do you do this to every guy that’s trying to work, or am I special?" he said smirking, twirling his wand in his left hand.

  "I believe you are special, dear." Ivy said moving her legs from off him and sitting them onto the floor flatly. Pushing her hair back she giggled, slightly taking his wand and running her slender fingers over the thin wood.

Remembering where he heard her name before his eyes widened. "Wait…Ivy, you aren't the same Ivy that’ Malcom are you?" he said narrowing his eyes and taking his wand into his hand, holding it rather defensively.

"Er...In a way, yes you can say I am with him." A slight giggle. "Ohh. I won't bite sweetie...not much, at least.' She gave a slight grin and  walked a bit closer to him. "What’s the matter? You afraid of the other sex?"

"Not quite Hun, and actually I enjoy biting." he grinned and continued to say, "Its just Malcom is my very close dear friend." he started casually twirling his wand again, flashing a charming smile at her.

"I am glad he has found close friends, that will be good for him...And you enjoy biting? Hm...I will have to remember that one, won't I?" Slyly grinning, she came close to his neck...almost biting it, her breath breathing onto his flesh. She pulled away.

Staying still, not effected by her actions, much, he said "Actually, I've been friends with Malcom since we were both eleven years old. We were both from Durmstrang." He sat up straight and continued to casually twirl his wand in his hand a few times almost dropping it.

"Ah, I see. I have known Malcolm for about as long as you.. or longer..." she came close to him again grabbing his wand as it almost fell to the ground. Taking it, she moved it over his shoulders..." Hm....Lovely build you have on yourself by the way."

"Thanks..." he said. "You've known him that long? Wow, he never introduced us, how sad that is, you seem to be quite a lovely person Ivy." he grinned, staring at his wand tracing its way along his shoulders.

The wand moved along the line of his body, from his shoulders down to his arms down his stomach and stopped at his waist line. "Yes...Of course. " She moved closer to him, he was now standing between her and the wall. Not a very good place to be. Pink lips almost touched his as she pulled away, her sweet scent filling the surroundings.

Staring transfixed at the wand as it traced its way, he almost didn't realize he was boxed into the wall, her being very close to him. He took a deep breath taking in her scent. Her breathe was felt on his lips and he was sure his was on hers, he leaned forward keeping the same distance as they had had before she pulled back, being careful not to touch her lips, keeping that small margin intact as he himself pulled back staring from her lips to her eyes.
to her eyes.

She did not speak. Her head came closer to him as she took the wand, rubbing down his legs. She came close to his neck again, mouth opening, she licked him. Pulling away in the dim lighting she made eye contact with him once more. Still silent. The wand still moving.

He momentarily closed his eyes, tilting his head back and out to give her space. Her soft, warm tongue on his skin was pleasant. He opened his eyes to stare into hers, only the sound of their breathing and his heart increasing its beat rapidly. The soft dud dud  off his chest echoed in the silence.

Ivy moved her head forward and touched his lips softly. Her hand dropping the wand at the feet of the two. She opened her lips, her tongue slipping into his mouth slowly. Her eyes closed. Still no sound.

Dropping his jaw slightly to allow better access he kissed her, sliding one of his hands to the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. Pulling back to take a breath he stared at her face, and kissed her again, some how forgetting about his friend at the moment.

Continuing, the kiss began to go on. Putting her arms onto his shoulders, she wrapped them slowly around his neck. Her tongue played war with his.

Wrapping both his arms around her waist his tongue slid around hers quickly. He rubbed her back softly began to walk forward, looking where he was going, leading her to a couch, cautiously he laid her on the couch falling on top of her.

With a smile she kisses him again. Looking at him, she pulled off his shirt at quite a fast pace. The shirt hit the ground in two point three seconds. Her lips found his again.

Grinning he continued to kiss her, and quite the opposite of what she did, he slowly took off her shirt, caressing her skin on the way up, breaking the kiss to slide it over her head. As soon as the shirt was on the floor he replaced the kisses, rubbing her stomach softly.

The wind blew against the pains softly to make the mood erm...more magical. She kissed him deeper, her head finding that special place in his neck again as her lips fell onto it licking it slowly until she slowly kissed it.

Breathing heavily through his mouth he bit down onto her shoulder, not hard enough to break skin, but it would leave a mark. He continued to rub all over her stomach and her sides as she licked his neck.

Warm lips wrapped around the tender skin of his neck, sucking slightly making blood rush to the area, going to leave a mark. Licking up, she licked to his ear where she nibbled on it slowly and kissed her way back to his lips where both lips bet again.

He let in a soft gasp before they kissed each other. Sliding on hand up to her chest caressing her breast, the other reaching behind her back to unhook her bra, easily doing so and using the other hand to slip it off. He broke the kiss to take one her nipples in his mouth and began to suck hard on it.

A soft moan came from her throat. Thin fingers ran through his hair as she began to kiss the top of his head, saying his name.  "Mmm..." she mumbled as her nipples began to harden up. Her chest moved up and down in a steady movement, breathing.

Biting down on her erect nipple he felt blood fill into his mouth, he licked at her wound tentatively. He smiled up to her and when the bleeding stopped he began to suck on her other nipple, his slender hands working their way in between her thighs rubbing circles on her inner thigh with his thumb.

Feeling blood rush to the area, another soft moan. "Mmm... " muttering slightly "don't stop" along with his name again her back arched somewhat began to arch making herself press against him more.

He bit down onto her nipple, harder this time, sucked hard allowing the blood to pool into his mouth. He brought his mouth up to kiss her once, letting her taste her own blood, while the blood flowing from the nipple crept down to her stomach. He licked it all up and sucked on her nipple again, sucking more blood out of it.

"MMMMM" she moaned even louder. "Baby..." Tasting her own blood her lips became a deep shade of red. Licking them she held to his back tightly making slight marks on it with her long nails. "Ohh..."

Biting down harder on her nipple to make it draw more blood he continued you suck, the blood pouring into his mouth. He continued to rub her inner thighs raising one hand to start rubbing her pussy from outside her pants.

She could not wait any longer. Her hands reaching down, she unbuttoned his pants putting her hands down into them touching him gently at first. Her skin shown a deep red colour from the blood as it trickled down onto the couch, to the floor below.

Grunting slightly in response to her warm touch he sucked on her a bit more before removing his mouth from her nipple and picking his head up to look down to her waist line, where his fingers unbuttoned her pants, he slid them off and traced a line down her lips from outside her panties before sliding them off too.

Moving down her hand found the right spot gently touching his parts moving slowly before she tightened her grip. Slipping them out, she pulled down his pants, then his boxers letting them fall to the ground. She touched him again, and licked his neck once more.

Moaning slightly, though barely audible he hardened in her grip. Placing one of his hands over her hand that was touching him he guided himself to her lips letting them touch softly, he looked up to her, staring into her eyes. His other hand went up to her face, and with the back of his hand caressed her cheek.

Adjusting herself, she found the right spot. Her hand help him lead into her. A slow moan came out as she looked at him and gave a slight smile moving her hand up and touching his.

  Leaning forward letting himself go deep into her their bodies met, and he kissed her lips softly, picking his head up he smiled and pulled himself back and thrust in her slowly, but with force.

"Mmmm...." was a sound bellowing deep from her vocal cords. "More.." she said as she followed him in the movements making it go in harder, her head leaning  back yelling moans of pleasure. She began to orgasm.

Thrusting faster and harder into her he leaned his head forward over her shoulder, his hands supporting him as he thrust.  He moaned this one a great deal louder than the previous one, and he was sure people in the dorms would hear the two.

  "OH GOD" she said as her eyes closed tightly together and she began to come. "Mmmmmmmm" her fingers were onto his back holding tightly making small marks on it, some of it drawing bits of blood.

Feeling the pain on his back seemed to excite him more. He thrust harder than ever, and faster. He moaned too as he felt himself about to reach his own orgasm, but tried to hold it back, wanting to hear her scream his name in pleasure.

She continued to hold onto him. "...Yes....yes..." . Finally, she screamed loudly, "ANTONIN..." She began to slow down feeling herself calm down somewhat her breathing somewhat short. "Oh..." she said as she loosened the grip from his back.

As soon as he heard his name he came into her. He held her close for a moment before slumping over and sitting up. As his breathing slowed he said,  "Doll, that’s the first time I ever fucked someone the first time I met them." he grinned and leaned down and kissed her cheek.

She giggled. "I'm sorry if I come off as a er...slut? Because, I have to admit, that was my first time ever doing that either. I feel a bit guilty. But I could not resist. You are so cute..." she smiled,  taking a slight breathe, remaining where she was.

  "Yeah,...well now there is one problem…I just had sex with my best'm sure he won't be pleased. What shall we do about that?" he said staring down to her, and trying to bring back his suave composure.

"Come to the dance with me?" It just rolled off her tongue like it was meant to be. She bit her lip, waiting for his response. Well, not exactly what she wanted to say, but whatever.

"Sure why not," he said and kissed her once more on the mouth. "I'm tired now, want to head up to my dorm and get some sleep in my bed?" he asked getting up and putting on his boxers, leaving the rest of his clothes in dishevelment

She stood picking up her garments. "That would be lovely. I'm sorry if I come off rather slutty. Really, that isn't me. "She said again as she began to follow him to his dorm and kissed him on his cheek. "You know, you are pretty cute sweetheart."

"Thanks for saying so, you're a looker too toots." he grinned and entered his dorm, and laid down making a sport for her in his bed.

Putting on only underwear she looked around his dorm and picked up a random school shirt of his slipping it on. It came down to her mid thigh, but whatever. Laying down beside him she scooted close to him.

Kissing her on the lips one last time he closed his eyes and let himself slip into unconsciousness. His arms wrapped tightly around her.
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