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Antonin Dolohov

Who: Antonin Dolohov Regulus Black, Malcom Parkinson, Severus Snape, Maddie Delacour,
Evan Rosier, Ludo Bagman, and Sturgis Podmore.
Where: Slytherin Common Room
Why: Band Rehearsals
Rated: PG 13 for drug references

Antonin sits in the Slytherin Common Room and scratches his head checking his watch for the time, waiting for Regulus to show up.

Regulus Black looked down to the tip of his fingers. He had been practicing guitar for PBA for a few weeks now, the strings however, had started to leave an embedded mark. Tapping three times on the portrait he slide through, realizing Antonin was waiting ::

Yawning, Malcolm walks down from his dorm to the common room.  Flopping down across from Antonin. "Am I late?"

Evan sat in the corner of the room, his bass on his lap. He stared at it uncertainly. Alright, he wasn't horrible..but not the best. He would have to work harder.. He spotted Antonin, Regulus, and Malcolm. He waved, "Hello."

Maddie bounced a red rubber ball that was her kitties in one hand while she carried the case of her her violin in the other. Giggling she flashed a smile. " Hi Guys ! "

"Hey Evan, Maddie, Regulus. And of course Malcom." he said waving. He walked to them checking his watch for the time. "Now we are just waiting for Severus. He'll be here shortly I presume."

Lazily head towards Evan, he gave a nod.  Spotting Maddie he waved and patted a space near him. "Sit next to me, love" He smirked and gave a soft chuckle.

Regulus nodded in agreement when all the band members had entered the common room, even Parkinson, " Before anyone I forgot the lyrics..DAMN IT "

"God damn you Reg, you are not consistent at all. Oh well, we'll work on only one song today, we'll need to have many rehearsals." he sighed checking his watch yet again, the redundancy of doing this every minute was starting to
annoy him.

Maddie smiled with kindest as she took a seat next to Malcolm, her ginger tabby cat hopped up and sat between the two of them. " Oh Kitty, just wants to be your friend Malcolm " She said as the cat began to sniff Malcolm’s cloak.

"I'm not surprised." Shrugging Malcolm crossed his legs, spreading his arms out on the sofa.  "Regulus is so busy situations."  Staring at the cat, Malcolm lightly pushed it away.  Not liking cats very much.

Evan yawned, rumpling up his hair slightly in boredom. "I thought of a few riffs, but no lyrics." He said sadly, tuning his bass as he spoke.

" What the hell it's not my fucking fault ! I had a bad day ! So fuck it.. " Regulus ears pricked up " I heard that Parkinson ! It's not easy expecting a know.. " Regulus turned to Evan " Riffs..huh ? Let's hear them "

"Well Regulus, next meeting bring them." he said nodding to Reg. "Have you practiced guitar much?" I asked wanting to establish conversation and pass time. Fighting the urge to check his watch.

Ignoring what Regulus. "Evan, do you still have those cigarettes?"  Malcolm licked his lips, crossing his arms over his chest.  Yawning for the second time that night, Malcolm looked over to the fire place. "Severus is late."

Dude, this is some good shit ! " A voice of the Hufflepuff prefect could be heard echoing through the halls outside the portraits, before a odd cat nip smell rose in the air.

"Dude you're totally right" rang the voice of an older Hufflepuff, deep breaths heard afterwards.

That's...what's his name?  He has those cigarettes.  A completely burn out." Malcolm stood up quickly.  "We should let them in."

Evan nodded, "Mhmm." He pulled out a pack from his breast-pocket, and tossed it to Malcolm. He sniffed the air curiously, a wave of recognition washing over him. "Hey..that's what I had last night."  He remarked to himself, glancing at the entrance of the Slytherin Common Room, a brow raising slightly

Maddie’s cat jumped up off her lap and followed the smell to the portrait. Rolling her eyes " Guys, don't have any sense, silly willys..That have to come in threw the portrait. Maddie got up off the sofa and headed allowing the
two Hufflepuffs in

What is the stuff?" spoke Antonin, taking a deep whiff of the air and walking to the entrance of the common room to greet the hufflepuffs.

"WOH Man, check it out..its like the Hufflepuff Common Room..but Green ! Trippy shit dude Podmore said as he entered the common room

Ludo walked through the portrait whole, and entered the common room. "Woh..this place is so...dark AND GREEN TOO you're so right man, this IS trippy!" said Ludo looking around the room.

Malcolm caught the cigarette, stroking it slightly. He sparked up the special cigarette with the tip of his wand.  Taking a long drag out of it.  His eyes narrowed to the hufflepuffs.  "Do you have a hookah, big enough for us all?" Malcolm said without introductions.

Maddie's face went blank with expression.

Severus quietly entered the room, from the Slytherin dormitory and took a seat in an empty chair.

" Dude, Green is the magical color.." Podmore turned to Malcolm, " Hookah
Er...I got my bong "

"Great Severus you're here!" said Antonin, "Me and red found a great place to practice lets head out." said Antonin looking around to the others.

Regulus " That stuff smells funny..last time I had some for your 'stuff' Podmore I panicked. I don't know..

Evan stared blankly at the hufflepuffs, biting his lip slightly. Must..not..ask for..drugs.

"Don't trip out little Slytherin dude, this is gooooood shit." he said approaching Reg.

Malcolm smiled and stretched his hand open for the bong. "Don't be a pussy Regulus.  Where's the place Antonin?"

Fifth floor. Lets get going." said Antonin staring oddly at the Hufflepuff and heading to the exit. "Its going to be a good hike, like 7 floors up from here."

Podmore raised a brow at Evan " You alright dude ? You want a hit..might as well promote House Unity" Podmore shrugged as he unzipped his back pack and pulled out his blue glass bong. " Slytherin Peeps ! Meet Bubbling Bertha ! "

"Bubbling Bertha?" He repeated with a grin. "I'll pass, thanks..need to wait at least a week before the after effects of last night go away." He replied with a wink, getting up.

"Isn't she beautiful..." said Ludo in awe staring at the bong. Nearly drooling about its wonderfulness.

"ah, she's beautiful."  Malcolm licked his lips, it's been so long since he enjoyed nature's offerings.  "I want first hit."

Guys...rehearsals...remember!?" said Antonin getting frustrated checking his watch for the time. They didn't have much time to practice now.

Podmore rolled his eyes at Malcolm.." Er..where is your stoner manners dude, person who packs it up gets to say who has dips " Podmore said as he started to back the bowl up. Looking over to Maddie " Ladies first "

Maddie giggled " Me ? " She said gesturing herself. " Okay !

"A gentleman as always, we are men amongst men my friend." said Ludo patting Sturgis' back.

Severus dug his fingers into the arm of the chair, wondering what hufflepuffs were doing in the Slytherin common room getting high along with his fellow Slytherins. Severus sighed and decided not to say anything

Taking out her wand from under her robes she chanted " Lumos ". The bong started bubbling as she inhaled the first crisot hit

"I need lyrics, I can't practice my singing without them."  Malcolm sighed taking another drag out of his cigarette.  Letting the smoke spill out from his nose and mouth at the same time.  Watching Maddie. "You've done this before" he laughed

Antonin walked over to Severus and whispered in his ear, very quietly... "Severus...isn't the Podmore kid a mudblood..?" he pulled back to look at him questioningly.

Regulus’ full attention was now on the bong and Maddie as her lips exhaled the white smoke into the atmosphere. " I want a hit ! " Regulus mind was quickly changed.

Maddie giggles. " Well, I have been to Amsterdam before " She said as she handed the bong to Malcolm.

Severus, tilted his eyebrow a little and quietly replied to Antonin under his breath. "I don't know much about those in hufflepuffs, I wouldn't be surprised."

"I feel so fulfilled, getting a bunch of Slytherin kids high, its the proudest moment of my life!" said Ludo

Evan eyed the others jealousy..but no..self control, that was his main goal. Plus, Annie would skin him live. He simply strummed out a simply tune on the bass, watching the others get stoned.

Malcolm licked his lips, holding the bong carefully.  He followed Maddie’s motions, letting the bong bubble up before he inhaled.  He held his breath for a while and blew out once his face turned read.  He laughed and passed the bong to Regulus.  "Glad you stop being a pussy."

Podmore turned his head at Snape’s remark. " Dude, man, you just need to get your mind right ! " He said as he contained to roll a joint. " We put the puff in Hufflepuff hit this you'll feel alright .. ~~ (done)

"Pros hit last?" questioned Ludo, anxious to continue and heighten his high.

Severus edged away from Podmore’s offer and glared at him as though he were being offered poison.

Bitterly rolling his eyes at Parkinson for his pussy remark he took the bong. " Okay..don't say I didn't warn you. I get the paranoia every time I smoke the diggity

" Ehh..okay " Podmore shrugged he said as he took a hit of the joint then passed it to Ludo. Taking a double look back at Regulus for his choice of words.

Malcolm spaces out.

"That’s the stiffest comment for the greens I ever heard man, loosen up." he said to Regulus, looking back to Sturgis and taking the joint. He puffed twice, two long draws..thinks about taking a third..but that’s suicide so he offered
it over to Evan "How about you, loosen up man, take a hit."

" What ? " Regulus shrugged putting his hand around the shot gun on the bong , lighting it hearing the bubbles Regulus exhaled and took chocking on his hit.

He glanced at the joint, and shook his head. "Nah, I had my fill last night, thanks."

"Sweet deal little Slytherin buddy." he offered it next to Maddie.

Malcolm had to try twice before he spoke. "This is some good shit."  Wiping his face he glanced at Antonin.  "Okay...I'm ready.  What are we singing?"

"Yippie !! Pot is so much fun ! " She said as she took the burning roach and smoked it, he cheeks puffed out. Eyes blood shot at the point

"Forget it, rehearsals are cancelled." said Antonin annoyed and stomped up to his dorm. [d]

Maddie giggled.." Someone call him Mr. Cranky pants "

Malcolm quirked a brow. "No one offered Antonin any?" He giggled, then snorted at the giggle and finally busted out laughing.

Severus boredly started picking at the dirt inside his finger nails, while trying to think of something better to do.

Kitty brings a ball to Snape’s lap "meow "

Maddie " Kitty likes you ! She wants to be friends "

Severus tosses the ball as far away from him as possible.

Malcolm laughed again, looking Severus.  "Be happy Severus, at least some type of pussy is playing with you."
Kitty hisses at Parkinson and scampers off to retrieve the ball

Evan laughed at Malcolm's remark, a small smirk on his face. "Alright..well..Antonin's gone." He remarked casually. "So..what's up with everyone?"

Malcolm smiled.  "I"m fucked up." His eyes were glazed and blood shot.

Severus glared at Malcolm. "I would expect that kind of remark from a mud..." looking at Podmore and Bagman, he stopped mid sentence.

Malcolm straightened up, a smile still on his face.  "A mudblood?  Severus, I would expect you to say the words in the common room.  Are you afraid?  Maybe I was calling the wrong animal a pussy."

Regulus rubbed his blood shot eyes as his could feel his heart beat really fast. " Not a god damn thing, Evan. Same shit different day "

Podmore turned around, " Man, kiddies..where is the love .. your killing everyones buzz with the mudblood crap. Dude you can say that shit to me all day, I don't bother me. Sticks and stones will break my bones, its all about the
peace though "

"Dudes you're ruining my high, you do NOT want to ruin my high." said Ludo crankily.

Malcolm held his gut while he laughed.  Tears coming out from his eyes. "I’m smoking out with a mudblood?"  He laughed again, finding it hard to breath.

"You guys aren't cool to smoke out with, I'm out." said Ludo and he took off.

"Get the fuck out. Mudblood"

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