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Who ? Regulus Black & Malcolm Parkinsons
Where? Slytherin Common Room
Why ? For Puffy's sake
Rating? R, a few random words.

Shifting his weight, Malcolm rummaged through his trunk. Looking for a certain magenta dragon. He kneeled on one knee, half his body within the trunk, searching furiously. "Fuck." Hissing as his eyes darted towards the bed. Thinking he misplaced it when Ivy was around. Scratching his chin, his gaze drifted towards his bed. Shaking his head with a laugh, he picked up the pink stuffed animal, tossing it in the air as he walked out of his dorm. He continued to toss the item up and down carelessly; taking the steps slowly down to the common room.

Regulus who had just woken from a nap he had dozed off on one Sofas in the Slytherin Common Room. He let out a yawn before rubbing his eyes squinting he started to make out a figure that was coming down the steps. When the light had adjusted he realized it was that of Malcolm Parkinson and to Regulus's surprise he noticed that of Parkinson tossing what appeared to be a magenta dragon freely in the air. Biting a quivering bottom lip Regulus let out a weak faint whisper under his breath, "Puff..Puff..Puffy". Quickly crossing his brow Regulus demanded in a harsh bitter voice " PARKINSONS WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRAGON ? "

Malcolm's eyes narrowed, shifting from Regulus to the dragon. Head cocked to the side as he began to smirk. "Do you like it? I did not figure you to be a lover of pink children toys." Chuckling as he took the last few steps, he continued to toss the toy. It must have really upset Regulus for him to have it. He would use it to get on the other man's nerve. with a grin he purposely dropped the toy, Making a look of surprise as he picked it up. "Regulus, you really do have issues."

Ignoring Parkinson's remark asking if he had issues. Regulus jumped up imbedding his figure tips into the green leather sofa. " I'll ask you again, where did you get -
Puff..catching his tongue he contained.. " Where did you get that dragon, Parkinson ? And WHY do you have ? " Regulus jade eyes illuminated in the glow of the fireplace as it became affeceated onto the dragon who Malcolm was unkindly tossing freely in the air.

Malcolm smiled again filled with amusement. "It's for Greta's child. I thought I would offer a present, congradulate her, if you will." The last words were said while he grasped the toy by it's neck, shaking it casually. "Do you want one? It is cute, isn't it?" Lifting the dragon to eye level, he looked more to Regulus then the item. "Maybe you can steal it from your son?"

Regulus mouth dropped before he reached out with his arm in an attempt to snatch the dragon up. " HE DOESN'T LIKE THAT !" Regulus barked. The dragon was an exact -
XToujoursPurX [2:53 PM]: spitting image of that his child hood dragon had hit a nerve. Slipping his yew made wand from under the sleeve for his robe before clenching it in his grip. " I'll demand this once Parkinson, HAND OVER THE DRAGON ! I will see that is rests in the cradle of my sons when he is here.

Through gritted teeth Malcolm spoke, letting the dragon filled hand fall to his side. The other reaching for his own wand. "No. I plan to give it to Greta personally. I'm afraid you'll keep "him" if I hand it over. Do you plan on using that wand to get this toy?" Tossing the dragon he couldn't help but laugh. Regulus was obsessed with this child thing. "Regulus, I would hate to curse you over a toy, but, if I must." He released his wand, pointing at Regulus' heart. "I will. Tell me Regulus,-why do you wish to have this disgusting toy?" making his face twist in disgust, knowing it would insult regulus for some reason.

Regulus eyes narrowed at the tip Malcolm's wand as it penetrated the folds of his Slytherin robes on his chest. " That's none of you concern, yum yum boy
swatting his free hand attempting to knock Malcolm’s wand free off his chest. Regulus did not dare want to provoke a student with a Drumstang education> As temperamental as -
Regulus Malcolm clearly did not understand the sentimental value of a puffy_look a like. "JUST HAND OVER THE BLOODY DRAGON AND WE WILL FORGET ALL ABOUT THIS " Regulus spat before speaking again< his eyes where now becoming livid with rage> " TANT ME ALL DAY BUT LEAVE THE INNOCENT DRAGON ALONE !

Malcolm make an awkward motion, catching his wand before it hit the floor. That wasn't a good sign, he rarely lost concentration like this. He took a step back, laughing at Regulus. "Innocent Dragon." Looking at the toy he pointed his wand to it. "What if I do this?..." He muttered a binding charm. The dragon looking like an obscene bondage item. He laughed again, looking at Regulus. "All it needs now is a ball gag. You want it, come and get it."

Regulus tried everything but couldn't hold his tongue longer before he blurted out ' NOOOO YOUR HURTING PUFFY…YOU ARE PRIMARLY EVIL . HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU" Regulus lunged forward grabbing the twisted pink animal who was in a bind. Missing it by his finger tips. " FUCK YOU PARKINSONS..WHY PUFFY WHY PUFFY ? " Caring his voice as it echoed in throughout the common room the portraits now looked on at both of the boys antics.

Malcolm was having too much fun watching Regulus suffer. The dolls name was Puffy. Tossing the item he had a horrible thought. Throwing it up high enough, muttering a hovering charm. Keeping the toy out of reach. "Poor Regulus, Puffy doesn't want to play with him. I wonder what would happen if I tried a torture curse on him." He put a hand to his mouth, as if in surprised. Egging Regulus on, he wanted him to start something. "Cru..." He cut the words short staring at Regulus.

Ducking as Regulus observed Malcolm's lips began to curl into an oval shape, undoubtedly about to use an illegal cruse. He had endured enough torment for this to contain any longer. This wasn't about him, this wasn't about Ivy, this was about Puffy. With all the stakes on the table Regulus did not want to use magic in the situation. As venom boiled through out his veins he arched down pulling out his boot dagger from the side of his ankle. On complete instinct he lunged forward grabbing Malcolm by his the collar of his robes. Holding the blade of the dagger at his throat with vengeances in his eyes. " I swear to gods Malcolm, I will slit your throat right here, if you don't stop with the dragon.

Startled Malcolm let out a small gasp as Regulus lunged towards him. Tensing up as the blade touched his neck. Only a mad man would laugh while a knife was to his throat. Malcolm did. "You would actually use that barbaric thing for a stuff animal?" lifting his hand he swatted the knife and took a step back. Feeling a drop of blood drip onto his collar bone. He refused to wipe it away. "All right, you sick fuck. No wands, no weapons. Winner gets the dragon." He smirked and sheathed his wand. bracing himself to fight, like a muggle.

" weapons.." Regulus blinked for a moment pause taking all this in. He was never the fighter of the family, Sirius had told him numerous times he didn't have the physical strength, partly form inbreeding and partly from being the runt in the family. Common sense he would of backed out of it, but he was caught in a pool of adrenaline rush. "Alright Parkinsons, far enough " Regulus dropped his dagger and coasted the boy forward .

Malcolm rolled his neck, releasing some tension built up in there. Hoping to fool regulus he was an expert fighter, getting ready to battle. His weight shifted into sort of a crouch as he lunged towards the other man. Throwing a fist in the general direction of Regulus head. Hoping to get a good hit, putting his weight into the punch.

Regulus heard three of his spinal bones crack in his neck as Malcolm’s took the first blow. Dizzy a bit he saw the room around him blur. No this is about Puffy the thought rolled in the back of his mind with cold rage Regulus attempted to punch him as hard as he could in the gut of Parkinsons stomach. Hoping that the boy would fall to his knees.

Eyes widened as a fight met his gut. Malcolm's hands quickly clawed Regulus' arm as he gasped for breath. He doubled over, almost falling to his knees. Relearning how to breath, he hissed. "Fuck.." He gain composure, taking a step back. Smiling at Regulus he lunged forward again, trying to tackle him.

Regulus staggered back about two feet when he noticed the dragon was sitting on a near by table. Rolling his arm in a backwards grabbing the dragon in his hand. "ah ha..PUFFY is MINE !" Regulus let out an evil bratty snicker as he quickly shoved the dragon in safe keeping under his robes

Malcolm found himself on the floor, looking up to Regulus. "That's not yours, we haven't finished." A few students wandered into the room, he really didn't want anyone to see the fighting. Standing up he put his face every close to Regulus. "We're not done; I'm getting that dragon back." He hissed, before stalking off.
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