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What: Sensual Cutting.

Who: Malcolm Parkinson and Ivy Wilkinson

When: Erm…night time.

Where: <strike> buck naked on the floor of course. </strike> Ivy's dorm.
Rating: Strong R…for blood and…sexual tension





 Sliver shinning in the dim light as it ran across living flesh, taking the little life of what was left in young Ivy. Not even making a flinch, she slid down against the floor to the window of her dorm soft sobs coming from her eyes. Truth was, she did still miss Regulus...Actually, that was all she thought about. Making another mark on her flesh, right below that of the other one. Crimson blood slowly dripped down the arm some falling to the floor hitting it with a splash. Candles lit up the room, being  the only source of light. Wax slowly dripped down the candle that was directly by the other window where a black curtain was placed. On the floor were ripped up memories, pictures, of her and Regulus. Truth was, she never did want to get over him. She thought she was going to be with him forever but her thoughts seem to become a lie, and everything came to a screeching halt and she was left with the short end of the stick yet again. A tear falling down her cheek, she made another slice on the first cut  making it deeper. 


Malcolm watched the whole scene unfold before his eyes, standing at the entry way of her dorm room.  Without a word he walked to her, his heels making their important clicking.  He stood above her, staring at her as if trying to see through her.  Long fingers, stretched it's way towards her cheek, wiping away her tear.  His face blank, without any expression as he fell to his knees.  Positioning himself close to her body, his knees on either side of one of her thighs.  Taking the razor from her trembling hand he stared at it as if it were a foreign object.  He then took her bleeding arm, giving the drops of blood a piercing stare.  His tongue darted outward, licking that metallic liquid. Massaging the wound with the muscle.  Swiftly he took off his shirt, his small muscles rippling underneath his skin.  Bringing that small silver object he stared at for so long to his chest.  Just above his nipple he cut himself.  Just as deep at the one on her arm.  His hand was brought behind her head, bringing her lips closer to his wound.  Telling her to do the same to him.  To taste his blood.  To share their blood.  The only way to show her how much he cared.  enough to share his pure blood. 

 Not really expecting his presence in her room. When he touched her, she closed her eyes making a slight moaning sound, so soft, not even for the ears to pick up.  The blood was slowly washed away, but came present again. Being inches away from his chest she blinked, her arm perched onto his leg bleeding slightly into his clothes. A few more tears fell. Tender green eyes, now with an innocent look, she watched his blood fall as her lips were inches from his wound. Coming foreword, she licked his cut blood staining her velvet lips. She licked him a little more, still not saying anything. She pulled away. Sitting quietly. Like water in a jar. Her forehead fell onto his chest above, her lips still in front of the deeply cut wound.  Taking a slight breath, more sobs came from her eyes as she closed them licking her lips. A breeze blown into the room from the open window.  Long black hair, that was put back into a small bunch behind her head moved slightly. The candles continued to glow, the wax melting further down the candle.  Wind chimes sounding a little in the background.  One more tear fell, this time falling directly onto her hand.

Malcolm cupped Ivy's face, razor pinched between his thumb and forefinger.  No words were exchanged, just a look that told her, he cared for her, that he would be there for her.  Slowly he inched his mouth to hers, hovering above those lips for seconds.  Letting his sweet breath caress her before he closed that small space, kissing her softly.  The small kiss lasted a few seconds before he pulled away.  Taking her non-damaged arm to raise above her head.  He licked the crook of her elbow, his expert tongue flicking across the vein.  He brought the razor to the wet skin, sinking in to puncture her flesh.  Drawing a line before looking at his work.  Studying the drops of blood, taking their time to form.  A small groan escaped his lips, eyes closed tightly.  His other hand found it's way to the small of Ivy's back.  Pushing her closer to him.  Letting the line of their bodies touch. 


The wind continued to blow softly. Ivy's lips touched his shortly as her head turned and watched as the blade went across her arm. Watching herself bleed. Letting a small moan out. "Malcolm..." the first word even said in this period of time between the two. Licking her lips, she bent down and licked his cut where it still bleed. Opening her lips, giving it a slight "kiss" . Pulling away her dampened eyes looked at him as if telling him that she enjoyed him and such. At the moment both of her arms bleeding  blood falling from the sides. She felt not the pain o the cuts, but more less, the pleasure from it all.  Her body was numb to the pain now. Taking a slight breath, she blinked at him. The wind continued to hiss softly onto the panes of the windows making a slight sound.  

 Whispering against her lips Malcolm voice could be barely heard.  "Ivy-love..."  His voice was filled with need.  He leaned forward roughly, as if desperately needing her close.  He held her to his body, pouring his love for her through that kiss.  Lifting her up slightly, only to push her down, lying her gently on her back.  He hesitated, staring into her eyes.  As if seeing her for the first time.  He lifted her shirt slightly, exposing her stomach.  His hand caressed that flesh, rubbing small circles  across it.  Looking up from the razor placed just above her belly button he whispered again.  "More?"


Ivy's arms found around his neck as she felt her shirt lifted. She blinked and watched the razor as it gleamed into the candle light. Her lips were still lightly stained with blood from him. A slight breath. Tears were still down her face. "Please..." she said in a pleading deep voice, pleading for him to do it. To take the pain away by inflicting pain else where. Her eyes closed slightly as the carpet of the rug on the floor gently touched her head, her relaxing. Her teeth came slightly down onto her bottom lip. She didn't want to do this in a way. But the pain seemed to close off other, making the feeling feel more sensual to her.

The razor bit into her skin, he drew a circle around her navel.  Cocking his head to the side to see the blood form once again.  Hypnotized how the red mark would begin to drip.  He brought his mouth against the wound.  Licking and sucking as he did before to the others.  His licks did not linger as his mouth slowly moved lower.  Nibbling on the lower part of her belly, inches away from her groin.  "There are other ways to rid pain, my pet."  with his lips pressed to that sensitive area his eyes darted upward, as if asking for permission. 


Her head was tilted and her eyes still closed. She felt the feel of him up on her skin. Feeling the blood seep out of her body. Licking her lips she looked up, giving that same innocent look to him. As if she never had did anything of this nature before. As if she was just a broken doll shattered upon the cold floor. Which, in a way, she was. Her hand found the side of his face, the rest of her body still at rest on the floor. Her touch as if giving him a yes to his question that he did not really ask,  more of insinuated.  Her arm dropped and fell to the floor hitting it with ease.

Slowly with shaking hands he dipped his fingers into her waist band.  Sliding the fabric down, exposing her completely.  "I love you, Ivy." He smiled at the flesh, licking his lips hungrily.  He settled himself in a more comfortable position, his head inches from her.  With one small lick, he promised her so much.  Promising her great pleasure, and an escape from her pain.


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